10 Steps To Hypnotize Yourself

10 Steps To Hypnotize Yourself

October 30, 2018 Off By vrajan

Dreams are important for living. We all have dreams and we want to turn them into reality but this shift from dreams to reality requires great efforts and dedication. A person has to work hard and smart to fulfill these dreams. But how can he do this? To fulfill these dreams one has to change his attitude and approach towards life, enhance his skills and learn to embrace life as it is.

We must change and try to be a better person if you want life to be better and happier. This can’t be done automatically and some extra efforts are required to make things happen. There are certain techniques that can make things happen. One such technique is self-hypnosis. You can hypnotize yourself and improve your skills, but first let us know what is self-hypnosis?

Self hypnosis is a method of improving your concentration, skills and analyzing your true caliber by yourself. A person can hypnotize himself by calming his senses and meditating. Self hypnosis is important as answers to your unanswered questions come to you automatically in this process. Self hypnosis is done to improve your personality and to become a better and wiser person than you are.

How to hypnotize yourself

To achieve successful hypnosis you need two things

• You must have a strong desire to derive some change within yourself. The change could be anything as per your perception of life

• You must learn the self hypnosis method to conduct it safely and successfully.
Self hypnosis is done by following these steps. These steps will help your brain to be trance and train it to feel full. Think about the change you want in life, for example, if you want to lose weight then think about losing weight while following these steps of self hypnosis.

This is done over a longer period of time, say 10 minutes; you will tend to go to a deeper level, especially if the gentle music is playing in the background. And if you are listening to a talented storyteller, you can go even deeper, since you don’t have to know what suggestions to use next. The more experienced the storyteller, the more deeply you can go into the experience.

1. Get comfortable and relax. You can sit or lay down as per your choice.

2. Tense all your body muscles to hold your breath. Then open your mouth and sign out a deep breath. Let your body lose and relax. Repeat this process four to five times.

3. Count back from one to ten with descending exhalation. The mental counting has to be slow and like this; breath in, breath out 10, breath in breath out 9; proceed in a similar manner.

4. Repeat step three multiple times with relaxing your body and going deeper with each exhalation.

5. Imagine yourself sitting on the dinner table, you are about to eat your meal. Right before putting your favorite food in mind say loudly to yourself,’ one half’, one half. Say it multiple times.

6. You will see yourself eating slowly and cautiously. Imagine this situation with all your favorite food.

7. Follow this process and repast the vow of becoming fitter and slimmer.

8. Imagine a fitter and skinner you.

9. Bring yourself back with counting from 1 to 10.

10. Practice this exercise number of times to get the results.

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