3 Key Tips for Keeping A Trendy and Classic Wardrobe

3 Key Tips for Keeping A Trendy and Classic Wardrobe

October 28, 2018 Off By Mark Potter

There is no shortage of fashion trends to build a versatile wardrobe. The fashion trends are continuously changing. You will always find something new on the shelves of the clothing stores. There are too many options even in men’s fashion category.

Every man has a personal style that they find comfortable and feasible. It is important to have a clasic wardrobe that is suitable to your social and professional life. But you do not have to settle for a stale and monotonous wardrobe. Incorporating the latest trends in the wardrobe is essential. Here are three smart ways to make the wardrobe trendy and classic.

Do Not Go Full Trendy:

The key to building a classic wardrobe is to maintain a balance. New trends are interesting and fresh but that does not mean that you should invest without thinking. Not every new trend is worth investing. A lot of trends are not popular by the next season. If you are spending money on jumpsuits for men then make sure that it fits in your wardrobe somehow.

Balance is an essential characteristic of a good wardrobe. You should not get too distracted by the new trends, make a rule and follow it strictly and should consider buying just one or two trendy pieces every season. Take a look at all the new trends and identify the two that will go well with your personal style. It will make sure that you have a fresh classic wardrobe without spending too much money.

It is important to avoid overspending. Invest in trendy items that you will wear so that you do not waste your money and overcrowd the closet unnecessarily.

Blending Your Ideal Archetype Styles:

To determine the archetype styles, you can look for inspiration in your surroundings, fashion magazines, celebrities, etc. Once you make a decision about the basics of the wardrobe you can move to a stylish and trendy part of the wardrobe. You can select a variety of archetypes and blend them to create a unique and signature look.

When it comes to fashion there are no strict rules so no decision is wrong. The style is subjective and personal. The only rules you need to remember are the proportion, fit and color and you can experiment with them as well. You can always create a stylish look if you manage to maintain the balance. Do not choose a lot of items belonging to the same category.

Find Inspiration:

If men want to dress impressively then they need to pair the right clothing items. One wrong clothing item or an accessory, you will ruin the look. It is not easy to come up with a perfect blend of trendy and classic. You should not be afraid to go through trial and error. You will have a few fashion disasters before you finally find inspiration to create perfect outfits. There are a lot of fashion sources that can offer you inspiration.

These are some practical and useful tips for keeping the wardrobe trendy without compromising its practicality.

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