4 Ways Food Can Get Contaminated and How to Avoid It

4 Ways Food Can Get Contaminated and How to Avoid It

December 6, 2018 0 By emmamiah

The restaurant industry is a tough one. Running a restaurant has its responsibilities. The restaurant industry is responsible for the health of the customers. A restaurant needs to make sure that the food it serves is safe for the consumers. You do not want the customers to eat contaminated food and get sick. It is not good for the business and you do not want to be responsible for getting people sick.

Food borne illnesses are dangerous and it is essential that restaurants take precautions to avoid food contamination. Food products are perishable so make sure that you are always in the lookout for red flags.

Here are a few common ways that food gets contaminated and the best way to avoid it.

The Temperature Abuse:

Temperature is a crucial factor in ensuring safety of the food products. If you want to keep the food safely stored then you need to invest in high-quality large chest freezer or other refrigeration appliances.

The food should not spend too much time in the temperature danger zone. Temperature from 41 F to 140 F is classified as the danger zone. If the food stays in the danger zone for too long then the bacteria will start to multiply and spoil the food. Make sure that you store the food at the right temperature so that it is fresh to use.

Danger of Cross-Contamination:

Harmful bacteria and microorganisms can spread easily so make sure that food storage, preparation and cooking area is clean. Anything that comes in contact with the food should be clean. Make sure that the staff handling the food understands the importance of hygiene. They need to wash hands before handling the food so that there no chance of cross-contamination. You need to clean the counter after you rinse food because the splashes can become cause of contamination as well.

You should also choose the cleaning products carefully. Do not use the ones filled with harsh chemicals because even tiny bit of residue can ruin the food.

Using Unsafe Ingredients:

It is possible that the raw food you are using gets contaminated even before it reaches the restaurant. Bacteria can enter the food products as they are delivered to the restaurant and one contaminated item can spoil everything.

Raw fruits and vegetables can bring pathogens to the restaurant if they are not handled with proper care. The best way to avoid use of unsafe ingredients is to get a certificate of Analysis. You should get the certificate on all foods that are coming from suppliers.

Damage During Shipping:

The food can spoil easily during transportation to the restaurant. If the shipping conditions are not suitable then you will end up getting damaged goods. Make sure that every product is stored separately so that you can avoid cross-contamination.

Keep the temperature in mind because if the ingredients get overheated, they will spoil quickly. If you find any contaminated items then you need to get rid of them before they spoil everything.

Make sure that you keep these things in mind so that always have healthy food products to offer to the customers.

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