5 DIY Tips You Need to Know to Maintain Your Pool

5 DIY Tips You Need to Know to Maintain Your Pool

October 5, 2018 0 By Naveen

Keeping your pool and filtration system running like new requires proper maintenance. So, before spending big bucks to buy new pool filters or other accessories, including maintenance services, give a try to these DIY maintenance tips to keep your pool filtration system in an optimum condition.

However, you can also use Sta-rite pool filters to achieve this goal. A variety of Sta-Rite pool filters are available in the market that can fit your filtration system needs.

Go through DIY maintenance tips to keep your pool filter system performing well.

1. Clean Pool Tiles

Cleaning pool tiles should be on the top. You should clean scale and stain from plaster and tiles using a simple baking soda mixture. Mix baking soda in a bucket of water in order to form a paste. Take a sponge, old rag, or small brush to scrub the tiles around your pool’s surface. Baking soda is useful for increasing the pH level of your water chemistry. It is crucial especially when water enters your pool and lowers the pH level.

2. Remove Wrinkles/lines

Wrinkles may develop slowly over time in your pool. This occurs due to heavy rainfall or excessive water in the soil around the pool. Removing wrinkles is important. One temporary way to remove small lines is to use a household plunger. This may take time, but remove wrinkles. Besides, you can also practice filling the pool with fresh water in order to add weight against the wall and floor. Even if few wrinkles are left, use a squeegee for smoothing out the lines or a household plunger.

If the above methods are not working, then drain the pool and use an air blower (shop vac or liner vac) for removing the air between the liner and the pool walls. Don’t fail to set the blower to ‘reverse’ and blow air between the liner and pool frame for pushing the wrinkles. Now, reverse the suction again and remove the excess air.

3. Clean Oils & Lotions

Next step is to remove oils and lotions from the water surface of your pool. You can do this by placing tennis balls around the pool – in the skimmer basket. Tennis balls absorb oils caused by lotions, sunscreens, makeup, hair products. Oils and lotions enter your pool from rain or landscape sprinklers.

The tennis balls not just help you clean oil or locations from the pool, but also catch a lot of dog hair before it hits the filter. So if you have a dog, make sure you use tennis balls to maintain your swimming pool.

4. Filter Particles

Filtering fine particles from the skimmer basket of your pool is another significant process. To do this, take old pantyhose and wrap skimmer basket with it. Tie a knot on the top. This quick hack can assist you in filtering debris particles, thereby preventing them from entering your filter.

5. D.E. Powder in a Sand Filter

You may have troubles in filtering our fine particles using Sand Filters. You may add one cup of D.E. powder to your sand filter for additional help. The best way is to add D.E. to your sand filter by adding the media to your skimmer and letting it circulate through the filtration system.

Thus, follow the instructions above to maintain your pool. We hope this information is helpful.

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