5 Most Common Issues With iPhones

5 Most Common Issues With iPhones

August 30, 2018 Off By jamesluke

iPhone is the most complexly structured phones in the cell phone market to date. Many other phones are introduced after them but the design of the iPhone series is not so easy to understand. This is the reason why iPhone users get into a very traumatic condition whenever a slightest issue occurs in their cell phone. iPhone fixes and repairs are hard to find and only professionals can deal with them. With a lowered ration of iPhone technicians with that of other technicians, repairing your damaged iPhone repair can get costly on your pocket. Make sure you choose affordable iPhone repair companies in Seattle WA. Here are the most common iPhone issues where you will need a repair.

Screen damage

A smashed and broken screen is the most common issue with iPhones. Their screens are very delicate and vulnerable to falling. The LCD of the cell phone gets affected by the breakage of the screen. Your screen visibility will lower down and end up in a complete blackout if it is not repaired in time. You can also face difficulty with the touch sensors on the screen because of the cracks of the screen. The sensors will not sense your touch on the screen. It will be even worse for you and you will rush towards a professional repairing service.

Damaged camera

Most of the time the users fail to understand whether the issue is with their screen or with the camera screen. If the outer screen of your camera is broken, it can be replaced with a new one at an affordable cost. However, if your camera is broken or cracked, you will need a proper repair technician who will them repair or repair the lens of the camera depending on the severity of the damage.

Broken charging port

Sometimes it happens that you are unable to understand the reason why your charger keeps on disconnecting or get loose in the port. You even change your charger with a new one but there is still no use in it. The actual reason behind it is your broken charging port. The jack inside the port or the charging chip might be broken due to which the phone is not accepting any charger or charging. Same can be the case with your laptop and you can have laptop charger port repair in Seattle WA for that.

Battery turns low

Your battery keeps on running low when you just charged your phone completely. The reason is a damaged battery. Your battery starts to drain all the flow and end up swelled in your phone. You can replace your battery unless its fluid has started to damage your phone as well because you will need a proper repair in such a case.

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