5 Predictions for 2018 Door Lock Trends

5 Predictions for 2018 Door Lock Trends

July 30, 2018 0 By valentinechrizz

Door lock trends that started in 2017 are continuing and picking up steam in 2018. We predict these 5 trends for the remainder of this year:

Security gets the first two spots on our list.

1. Protection against Lock Bumping

Until recently all modern locks used essentially the same pin and tumbler technology that was invented in the 1860s. This technology can be defeated by a burglar using a specially cut key and a technique called “lock bumping”. A new technology has been developed to replace the pin and tumblers in the lock cylinder. Side-locking bar locks replace the pin and tumbler design and defeat lock bumping attacks. These locks are very popular now.

2. Drill resistant locks

With the invention of the cordless drill, anyone can defeat almost any door lock. There is no need to try to saw through the hardened deadbolt, try to bash the door off the hinges, or pick the lock. For an investment of $30, a burglar can drill from the keyhole right through the lock cylinder on your front door and they are in your house. He can do this to any and every house in your neighborhood. To counter that threat, lock makers now offer locks that incorporate two stainless steel balls between the keyhole and the lock cylinder. These steel balls rotate with the drill bit and prevent the bit from cutting through to the cylinder. These are also trending now.

3. Finishes

Homeowners in the coastal areas are concerned about the finish of their locks and handsets. The trend here is for non-corroding hardware finishes. Stainless steel and aluminum are becoming popular. They do not pit and discolor from exposure to environmental conditions. One special finishing process being requested more and more is physical vapor deposition (PVD). This finish is longer lasting and more sustainable than lacquer-based finishes.

4.  Matching door hardware style to the architectural style of your house.

You can find plenty of examples on Pinterest or in print magazines. Here are 9 architectural styles with some hardware choices that work well. You can Google these styles to find your house’s style and the different hardware mentioned.

  • Craftsman house. Addison hardware in Matte black
  • Country/Farm house. Camelot hardware in Matte Black
  • Tudor house. Wakefield hardware in Aged Bronze
  • Victorian house. Brookshire hardware in Antique Brass
  • Ranch style house. Greenwich hardware in Satin Nickle
  • Bauhaus/International Modern house. Collins hardware in Satin Nickle
  • Mid-Century Modern house. Century hardware in Chrome or Polished Nickle
  • Contemporary house. Upland hardware in Satin Nickle
  • Industrial Modern house. Greyson hardware in Matte Black

5. Matching the finish color of the hardware to complement the color of the door

Choosing the finish color of your lock and handset hardware to compliment the color of your door is very trendy now.

  • Blue door: Century hardware in Bright Chrome or Satin Brass
  • Green door: Addison hardware in Matte Black or Camelot in Satin Brass
  • Aqua door: Wakefield hardware in Polished Nickle or Brookshire in Matte Black
  • Yellow door: Century hardware in Polished Nickle or Camelot in Aged Bronze
  • Red door: Greenwich hardware in Matte Black or Addison in Aged Bronze
  • Grey door: Wakefield hardware in Polished Nickle or Century in Bright Chrome
  • Black door: Camelot hardware in Satin Brass or Addison in Matte Black

There are a number of reasons to upgrade your home’s locks and taking advantage of current security features and aesthetics is nothing to sneeze at. You may benefit from consulting with a professional locksmith to make sure you get the right product for the upgrade you want.


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