5 Styling Tips to Wear Pajamas as Daywear

5 Styling Tips to Wear Pajamas as Daywear

November 19, 2018 0 By Mark Potter

The line between different dress codes is blurring. Nowadays there is a lot of overlapping between casual, formal and sleepwear. If you want to keep the wardrobe up-to-date then you have to keep an eye on the latest trends.

The sleepwear is becoming a fashionable part of daywear. The pajamas and american onesies are no longer limited to wearing while sleeping. It is becoming a popular trend as a lot of celebrities are embracing it.

Wearing pajamas outdoors can be risky because you do not want to look like you rolled out of the bed. It is a versatile and comfy trend but you need to get it right. Here are a few styling tips you can take inspiration from to look good wearing pajamas.

Top It Off:

If you like the top of your pajamas, then you can make it a part of casual wear. Wear the favorite pajama top with a nice pair of jeans. Jeans and a pajama top is a great combination. If you want to look stylish with the casual attire then you should tie up the hair. To make the outfit a little more classic than wear colorful stilettos.

Wearing It in Coordinates:

If you have pajamas that you love then with a little accessorizing you can wear them outside as well. With the right accessories, you will not look like you just rolled out of the bed. Add a casual touch to the pajamas by wearing a jacket or a trench coat over the pajamas. You can also add style to the look by carrying a classy clutch. Finish the look by wearing great heels as heels add elegance to the outfit.

Wear as Outerwear:

If you have printed or solid colored pajama tops then you can wear it as outerwear.  It works well in a summer setting. You can wear the open pajama top on top of a casual outfit. The combination of white top and cropped trousers will look better when you top it off with a good pajama robe.

Ribbon the Robe:

Robes are a popular choice of sleepwear and you can use them as outerwear as well. You can add it to casual jeans and a simple, solid colored blouse. If you have a printed robe then wear it over the casual outfit. To make it look stylish you should add a ribbon at the waist. It will make the whole outfit look trendy.

You can accessorize the look with a scarf or a fancy clutch. You can also use a statement necklace to make the casual look worthy of outerwear. If you are looking to add elegance, wear the ensemble with heels.

Cropping Ends:

If you have a pair of pajama pants that you love then you can make it part of your outdoor attire. Crop or fold the ends of the pajama pants so that you can show off your heels. Roll the sleeves and you will have a fun and casual look.

These are some styling ideas that will allow you to enjoy the versatility of pajamas.

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