5 Tips For Men to Wear A Waistcoat With Style

5 Tips For Men to Wear A Waistcoat With Style

November 9, 2018 0 By oliverkim28

Fashion is not about investing in all new trends but making smart decisions. It is important to dress smartly because it has a positive impact on the personality and comfort level. Men often pick a style and stick to it. But exploring and experimenting with fashion trends is important for improving your style.

Trying new styles allows you to update the wardrobe. It is important to know the best way to use the clothes that you are buying. If you are taking advantage of wholesale mens jeans then know how to style it. A waistcoat is a great menswear trend. It brings style and elegance to the wardrobe but it is not easy to style.

Here are a few suggestions that can help to make waistcoat an important part of the wardrobe.

Consider Investing in Contrast Tailoring:

Waistcoats are the perfect trend for autumn and even winter. As soon as the weather gets chilly you should take out the waistcoats along with flannel and tweed. By wearing them in contract color you can put emphasis on it. Make sure you choose the color that goes well with other clothing items. It should match and compliment the blazer or suit you are wearing.

Adding Texture:

Styling the waistcoat is not too difficult it expensive. There are simple and easy ways of styling the item. You can create a good outfit by pairing the waistcoat with similar texture clothes. There are certain textures that are a great pair. Corduroys and tweeds are a great choice to pair with denim and types of wool.

You can pair the waistcoat with your best pair of jeans. Wear it over a plaid shirt and make sure the colors are complimentary. You can also wear a denim jacket over the waistcoat. It is a great way of layering the outfit.

Try Layering:

Layering is the perfect way of playing with different tones and textures. Many men prefer to fight the cold by simply wearing a thick overcoat. It offers warmth and comfort and does not require much effort to style. Layering requires experimenting and it is trial and error. If you want to dress well then you have to try layering instead of settling for an overcoat.

A waistcoat is a versatile clothing item. You can wear it with casual clothes as well as formal ones. Wear it over a simple button-down shirt and jeans. You can dress elegantly by wearing a shirt and tie along with chinos.

T-Shirt and Waistcoat Pairing:

Wearing waistcoat with jeans is not a good idea. It is not the pairing that is going to pay off so it is better to avoid it if you do not want to have a fashion disaster. There was a time when this look was in but it’s not worth investing now.

Focus on The Fit:

If you want to look elegant and sophisticated then you should focus on fit. If the clothes are not the right fit then it will make you look messy. Make sure that the waistcoat you buy is the right size.

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