5 Ways Mobile Apps Can Add Value to Your Business

5 Ways Mobile Apps Can Add Value to Your Business

July 27, 2018 0 By supriya

The number of smartphone users has increased tremendously and are projected to reach 2.87 billion by 2020, according to the report from Statista. Furthermore, between 2016 and 2021, global mobile data traffic is expected to increase approximately sevenfold. These statistics indicate a promising future for mobile apps.

With the advancement of technology like Artificial Intelligence, IoT, etc., mobile commerce is evolving constantly. Mobile apps have become an integral part of the growth strategy for small businesses to large enterprises. As a matter of fact, mobile apps play a significant role in digital transformation.

Why your business needs a mobile app?

In today’s era when customers expect everything to be at their fingertips, it is imperative for businesses to invest in mobile app development to increase their customer base, improve the experience of their existing customers and stay ahead of the competition.

Let’s discuss the benefits of mobile apps for businesses.

1. Garner Higher Visibility

Mobile apps help businesses drive engagement with customers by increasing online visibility of their brand and creating a lasting impression in front of customers. Customers tend to browse a mobile website for a few minutes for anything interesting, but in the case of the mobile app, they open it again and again which means more repeat traffic. Frequent interaction with apps indicates the purchase intent and brand favor-ability of the customer.

2. Increase Customer Reach

Mobile apps not only help to cater to the local customers but also reach customers across countries. Features like geolocation and app analytics let you find your targeted users. Moreover, you can respond faster to customer queries via mobile apps anytime, anywhere. It, in turn, increases customer loyalty.

3. Increase Customer Loyalty

You can create a loyalty program using the app, to boost customer loyalty. The customers get some points each time they interact with your products and business. They can redeem these points to grab the exciting deals or purchase other products in the future.

4. Add a Touch of Personalization

Mobile apps allow you to provide personalized services to the customers and keep them updated on the new releases, sales, deals, and discounts. You can also seek their feedback to tailor your offerings according to their needs and enhance their shopping experience by improving the quality of services.

5. Boost Your Marketing Strategy

A mobile app makes your business stand out from the competition and strengthens your marketing strategy. You can stay online 24*7 via the mobile app. The social feature of the apps allows your customers to share information about your products and their shopping experience with their friends and family.

No matter which business you are in or what is the size of your business, you may miss out on the opportunity to tap into the untapped potential if you don’t have a mobile app. With a right mobility strategy in place, you can reap maximum benefits.

So, don’t ignore the power of a mobile app! Partner with an experienced mobile app development company to get a highly scalable, robust, and feature-rich mobile app for your business.

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