5 Ways of Making Towels A Part of a Small Bathroom

5 Ways of Making Towels A Part of a Small Bathroom

November 21, 2018 0 By emmamiah

A bathroom is not complete without towels because they are an integral item as they contribute to décor and comfort of the bathroom. People often find it challenging to decorate a small bathroom without compromising comfort. When you have a small space, it is important to be creative and make smart decor decisions.

The towels are a great accessory to decorate a small bathroom as they its essential part. Invest in cheap towels UK and you will be able to use them to add value because they offer comfort and aesthetic appeal.

Here are a few ideas you can use to make towels a beautiful and practical part of the bathroom.

Putting on Wall Shelves:

It is important that the towels are easily accessible. When you are taking a bath or wash your hands you need to reach the towels easily as it offers convenience and comfort. Make sure that you have fresh and clean towels in the bathroom.

Wall shelves are a great addition to a bathroom because they help in saving floor space and offer great storage space. You can roll up the towels or fold them and put them on the shelf. There are different styles of shelving available so you have options. Shelving and towels will help in enhancing the look of the bathroom and offer comfort.

Wall Rods and Rings:

Rods and rings are a space-saving and cost-effective addition to the bathroom and you can use them to display the towels and add color to the place.

The rings and rods are easy to install and they offer a great opportunity to add color to the bathroom. You can find colored towels with a variety of patterns and texture and use them to create an attractive display.

Towel Stands and Trees:

If you have a little extra space in the bathroom, consider adding a stand or towel tree. They are a decorative item that will allow you to display towels so they are perfect for creating an attractive display.

The towel stands and trees are available in a variety of styles. You can find stands that have extra space for other items like jars, soaps, shampoo, etc. You can put the items in the stand and you will easily access them.

Over-The-Toilet Storage:

If you have a small bathroom then you have to think of smart storage and add a storage unit on top of the medicine cabinet and it will save you the trouble of getting the towels from a linen closet and offer some extra space for décor. Along with the gorgeous towels you can put decorative items like indoor plants and soap dishes.

Heated Racks:

There is nothing better than having heated towels in the bathroom. They offer comfort and warmth and allow you to put the towels on display. These racks a little bit expensive than the regular ones but they are worth the money. The racks do not take more space than a wall shelf and are a luxurious addition to the bathroom.

These are some easy and convenient ways of displaying and storing towels.

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