7 Google Trends Hacks to Boost Your SEO

7 Google Trends Hacks to Boost Your SEO

February 21, 2019 0 By jeewangarg

Google Trends is one of the most amazing but underutilized, free SEO tools that let you easily find out how to search your keywords around the world.

Following are some main ways that should be applied by an SEO company in India to get the best result by their SEO:

  1. Start Big and Narrow Down:

Previously, Google Trends main dashboard required all sorts of parameters to be entered. The current dashboard is much easier to use. It invites you to first explore high-level topics before focusing on details.

Start typing a high volume parent keyword for your topic. For example, if you enter a subject the size of “Umbrella,” you’ll immediately see how your target keyword’s search interests change over time, by region, by subject, and even by keyword.

  1. Focus on the Context

Google Trends works in a relative manner so basically today’s search trend is not compared to the overall popularity of all trends, but only to the search trends of previously entered search terms or the recent past. Therefore you should not ignore the context and try to avoid your own blind spot in order to increase SEO.

    Get Advanced Information with Specific Search Options

Google Trends gives you four options for getting more information about your keywords and search phrases:

  • Internet Search
  • Search on YouTube
  • Image Search
  • Search for News

Each option lets you view search trends for another segment of your potential market. For example, if you select the YouTube option, the search trend for your target keyword will appear on YouTube.

Location Based Targeting

Although the basic use of Google Trends seems to be keyword-based, it offers the best results when you include a place in the mix. This will give you geo-specific interests for your target keyword.

  1. Prediction of Trends

As you’ve seen, it’s very easy to use Google Trends to find the most popular keywords and search phrases. How do you go on and fight the other SEO marketers?

Use category-specific and country-specific filters to identify trends that you can monitor before they become an important global story. For example, today’s most popular health history may not be one of Google’s best trends, but its popularity could skyrocket within a week.

Compare several phrases in the same trend – is the trend “Vote for A” better than “Vote for B”? You have just received an informal survey.

Look for long-term Keywords for Your Content

It can be difficult and tedious to be at the forefront of SERP for a very competitive keyword like “Cruise in the Caribbean,” but you can always get to the top of a long-run variation of a search term for high traffic.

All of this information can be used to create many long term keywords that you can write or integrate into your existing content.

Use Google Trends for the Video Reference

For example, you’ve posted a YouTube video on Caribbean cruises. As you may know, text metadata such as the title and description of the video plays an important role in ranking your YouTube video on Google. Here’s how to use Google Trends to optimize the title and description of the video:

  • Enter your search term in Google Trends.
  • Select the YouTube search filter.
  • Scroll down to the Related Queries and Topics sections. This will give you a list of keywords that you should include in your title and description of your video.
  • If you want, you can sort them up.

Google’s trends have changed dramatically over the years. However, the principle remains the same: it can be used to find a lot of useful information if you want to go beyond basic research. The key is to stick to your keywords until you find actionable information.

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