7 Offbeat Ways to Treat Pain

7 Offbeat Ways to Treat Pain

November 17, 2017 0 By lessacarol

Painkillers are not the only treatment available for getting rid of chronic pain. It may give you instant relief, but for a longer run, you will have to search for drug-free options. Be it long working hours or changing lifestyle; chronic pain has become a common ailment affecting a large number of population. The worst part of the pain is it drags you down and makes it impossible to either work or enjoy with family. The pain may arise out of any physical conditions like arthritis, sprain or injury.

If we take account of all the drug-free, natural ways to treat pain, there are plenty of them. However, as they don’t give instant effect, they are not so popular. Still, if you are looking for a permanent solution for your pain, you should try some of these offbeat & natural ways of pain management.

Fish oil

Inflammation of muscles is one of the top reasons behind the pain. In such condition, consumption of fish oil may help in subsiding the pain. Fish oil is known for its inflammatory properties, and its daily intake helps a great in lessening pain especially neck and back pain.

TENS Unit Devices

TENS unit devices have been considered an effective drug-free treatment for pain. TENS devices use electrotherapy to treat the effective area where painless electrical impulses are targeted to the nerves. Normally the operation of TENS devices is very easy and safe to use, for example, TENS 3000 unit has been designed with Safety Amplitude Cap to increase user safety. The cap protects the amplitude and helps to prevent any accidental bumps.


Resveratrol is a natural substance that works on a cellular level for pain relief. It is found in red wine, grapes, and berries and is loaded with many beneficial properties like anti-cancer, brain protection, and even life-prolonging benefits.


People who exercise and maintain a healthy body condition coming out of pain speedily in most of the condition. Exercise is known to generate endorphins that are considered natural painkillers. Endorphins interact with brain receptors to alter the perception of our brain. However, people suffering from pain should stay away from heavy exercise as it might hurt them. Starting from brisk walks and gradually moving to more exercise will help to control the pain.


Meditation has been found very helpful in managing the pain. If you are a newbie, you can start concentrating on any pleasing sound or soft music. With regular practice, you will improve. Try to control your thoughts during meditation. Start with a few minutes, gradually increasing the duration. Try to keep your posture comfortable during meditation, you don’t always need to sit up starting with your legs crossed, you can meditate even while sitting on a recliner with heating pads or even in a warm bathtub.

Laughter therapy

It has been found in studies that social laughter actually helps to diminish any kind of pain. Laughter has many positive effects like increasing the blood circulation, increasing the body’s endorphin levels and so on. You can start practicing the whole movement called ‘laughter yoga’ where people don’t seek any reason to laugh and focus on laughing for their own sake.

Get enough sleep

Sleep is one of the most effective pain management. Taking sufficient amount of sound sleep is important. Doing exercise and physically exhausting the body will help you take a deep sleep. Meditation, yoga and other psychological techniques can also aid to sound sleep.

What works for one patient do not apply for other. So, it might be possible that you find one of these ways more effective than others.

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