A Glance at Different Types of Adult Incontinence Pads

A Glance at Different Types of Adult Incontinence Pads

October 29, 2018 0 By Jack Louis

Incontinence is an involuntary urine or faecal excretion that affects the people of all ages. Adult incontinence is quite a serious issue which significantly affects the lives of the person negatively and makes them inactive. It is the situation of isolation that often leads to anxiety and depression at young ages. Despite dealing with such situations, they keep on taking stress thereby paving a way for more serious disorders.

People are so busy with their daily routines that they often ignore their health and wellness. Consequently, by the time the symptoms are recognised, minor problems have already grown to the major one. The most effective solution to this problem is adult incontinence pads which we feel quite shy to talk about. It is the type of medical product that provides safety in such situations and prevents other skin related issues. Undoubtedly, there are various range and varieties of such pads available for all age types and you must buy them as per your need.

Different Kinds of Adult Incontinence Pads one should know

One might have heard of sanitary pads which are used for urine leaks. Sanitary pads and adult incontinence pads are completely different though their structure is quite similar. Incontinence pads are used for vigorous urine leaks that are out of control of the person. Such pads are often worn inside underwear. The absorbing capacity, however, depends upon the amount of urine leakage per hour or a day.

Products for men and women

The Adult Incontinence Pads for Both Men and Women are Available in Different Varieties. For men, it includes:

  • Cunningham clamp: this product is placed at the penis that gently closes the urethral opening. To empty the bladder, just release the clamp.
  • Drip collector: this is composed of small pocket like padding material which is tightened with the underwear. This is ideal for men who leaks often but in a small amount.

For women, it includes:

  • Pessaries: basically, Pessaries are reusable products that are inserted into the vagina. It supports the bladder and adds pressure on urethra that prevents unusual leaks.
  • Urethral insert: it is soft and plastic balloon-like structure that is inserted in the urethra. It blocks the urine and must be removed to urinate.

Products for light, moderate and heavy incontinence

  • Pads according to the level of incontinence: All types of adult incontinence pads are not of the same type. They are designed differently as per the level of incontinence. There are three different levels of incontinence viz light, moderate and adult. Consequently, the type of adult incontinence pads also differs. For light incontinence, the absorbing material is appropriately designed. For moderate or heavy incontinence, all in one or shaped pads are the better option. The products are available both in pad form and pant form.
  • Gender-based pads: There are specific or gender-based incontinence pads and unisex pads that are meant for both men and women. They provide both comfort and protection. The skin sensitivity is the biggest factor in this. If it damages your skin, stop using it and consult dermatologists. Follow the appropriate dos and don’ts for an effective result. Manage urine and faecal incontinence while using suitable adult incontinence pads.

Bladder leakage can be an embarrassing issue, but it is not an unsolvable problem. You just need to find the right type of pad and use it correctly and your activeness, functionality and happiness will be right back.  If your problem is bigger than you think that you must not hesitate to go to the doctor for consultation. He might put you in the right medication and suggest you the right product.

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