A Quick Guide to Buying Sleeping Bag!

A Quick Guide to Buying Sleeping Bag!

December 10, 2018 0 By Sunder Singh

Are you planning to go camping in time to come? Then you need to make sure that you have got the right products so that you can enjoy your trip to the maximum. When you are choosing a sleeping bag, you will have to consider many things. Here are some tips which you should choose to find the right sleeping bag in style.

The type of sleeping bag that you are planning to choose should largely depend on its usage. Are you planning to remain in the open or under the stars?  You will want to prefer a bag which is roomy soft and cushy. Even if you want to use them in warm tents, camps or cabins you should be very clear about what you want.

There are some are sleeping bags which are designed for summer or winter use and are suitable for anyone.  Then there are rectangular bags, mummy bags, and bags which can be extended with zippers to accommodate more than one person.  You can find them of being a synthetic material, each with its pros and cons.

Here are some key things which you may want to consider:


1. Fill

What is the material of the bag? It is crucial as you will need one that can keep you warm for a longer duration.  It should have a higher loft as they can keep you warm for a longer duration.

  • Cotton- These bags are the best if you are sleeping inside a warm tent, but they are not good if they become wet. The cotton absorbs and retains water, and they become soggy, heavy and cold.
  • Synthetic- These soft filaments are strong, and they have good heat-retention in cold temperatures even while they are wet.


2. Lining

The lining of a sleeping bag may be silk taffeta, flannel or fleece. The choice eventually depends on how you are planning to use the bag. Silk one of the best choices because of its comfort and the strength. It can store a lot of water without feeling like cotton and still it is lightweight. Flannel doesn’t hold water at all. Fleece is good in extra-cold conditions.


3. Temperature Rating

It is usually indicated in Fahrenheit to which the manufacturer believes the bag will keep the average person warm. You will have to consider one based on whether you are a warm sleeper or a cold sleeper. Cold sleepers need a bag which will keep you warm down to 20 degrees Fahrenheit, so they need to check the temperature ratings even more closely.


4. Sizing

Are you looking for a mammoth sleeping bag or a normal one? It depends on whether you want it for one person or two.  You should check the closures and see if you can carry them easily after rolling it.



When you are looking for a regular sleeping bag or a mammoth sleeping bag keep these things well in mind, and you will have the best one for you!

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