A Short Guide Of Palace On Wheels

A Short Guide Of Palace On Wheels

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Palace on Wheels the name solely suggesting that how luxuriously it will be and also it was India’s the first luxury train. Everyone knew about Rajasthan glory, in the same way, this luxurious train also holds the glory and immense royalty. It is the best luxury train in India with all luxury amenities and well-furnished coaches.

The interiors of this train are so grandeur and remember the way of living of Maharajas. To know something more about the Palace on Wheels, this short guide will help you.

Coaches & Cabins

The Palace on Wheels will never compromise in arranging the best accommodation to tourists with all necessities. They will try to satisfy everyone with their humble receiving. An Interesting thing about the coaches in Palace on Wheels is, they are named after the popular cities of Rajasthan. Every coach was specially designed in a very connected thanks to that named city.

And totally, there are 39 Deluxe Cabins and 2 Super Deluxe Cabins with regal lavishness and royalty. Each cabin is furnished with a coffee table, wardrobe, chairs, butler, wifi and a private bathroom etc a lot more. You will feel very comfortable to travel through Palace on Wheels with all facilities.

Luxury facilities

Palace on Wheels provides all luxury elements to their travelers to relax and enjoy the wellness.

Restaurant & Bar: On this luxury train there are two restaurants and bars with all sort of dishes and wines. Here in these restaurants, you can taste Indian, Western and Chinese dishes. You will be attracted to these dishes because they are so tasty and delicious freshly prepared on the spot.

Ayurveda Spa: It is the foremost wished place on this train to induce relaxes. In this spa, you can snugly relax with massages and Ayurveda treatments to get out of stress. This spa is the most helpful one to relax after roaming in tours.

Itineraries of Palace on Wheels

Palace on Wheels concludes three itineraries on its board. They are 7 Nights itinerary, 3 Nights itinerary, and 4 Nights itinerary. Through these itineraries, you can catch up the attractions of Rajasthan and many tourist places of India.

7 Nights Itinerary: This 7 nights itinerary will start from Delhi and takes to wonders of Rajasthan. The cities that are passed through this itinerary are Jaipur, Sawai Madhopur, Chittorgarh, Udaipur, Jaisalmer, Jodhpur, Bharatpur, and finally Agra. You will get amazed at attractions at these places. Learn detail itinerary here…

3 Nights Itinerary: This 3 nights itinerary will take to some major cities of Rajasthan. It travels through Jaipur, Sawai Madhopur, and Agra.

4 Nights Itinerary: This 4 nights itinerary will lead you to some historic places in Rajasthan. And it covers Churu, Ramgarh Shekhawati, Parihara, Talchapar, Bikaner, Jaipur, Dholpur, and finally Agra. Through this itinerary, you will catch up many historic things and attractions.

These are the three itinerary schedules of Palace on Wheels. Through the Palace on Wheels, you can visit all historic and famous tourist places of Rajasthan at an instance.


By this text, you’ll get an outline concerning Palace on Wheels and the way it will be. Journey on this train are going to be memorable and spirited. You will never feel that you are traveling on a train because it makes you feel at home with all needs what you have. And this train is that the actual one to collect the attractions of Rajasthan.

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