Amazing Music Venues in Washington

Amazing Music Venues in Washington

July 8, 2018 Off By mahesh

Unequivocally Amazing Music Venues in Washington That You Cannot Miss At All  

Washington is known for many things and certainly, music cannot be left unnoticed while recalling them all. Washington DC is home to some of the finest music venues where you get to see surprises almost every day.  Artists have influenced this land a lot with their variations in music and that is how this city is always swaying and rocking and rolling and grooving to the tunes of the songs sung by these great singers and bands. Be it hardcore rap, pop, hip-hop, salsa, hardcore punk or anything, you can always find all the sorts of dance forms and music being played here.  These live music venues will just make you go crazy. So how about we know a little more about some of the best music venues in Washington so that you get a chance to visit them when you book your flight tickets with Indian Eagle next time? Let’s take a look then!


This club exists here since the 80’s and has a lot of name and fame for its frequent live shows with the famous bands and singers. This place was relocated in 1996 and you can find some of the most pristine sounds played by legends like Bob Dylan, The Beastie Boys, and Radiohead. A show here is worth remembering for a lifetime and that is why you should totally go for it. You never know who you might end up bumping into and take an autograph! Walk from the African-American Civil War Memorial or even the Cardozo Metro Station on Green and Yellow Line (815 V Street NW, Washington, DC 20001) Things to do in Washington easily. everyone would know about this place!


If you are in search of a grand concert hall, then this place is the perfect one. This place is completely different from the 9:30 Club and that is because of the hall. If you are not a fan of the open areas, then you will love coming to this classic, old-style place where you find some of the most interesting hip-hop and rock performances going on. The best thing about this place is that you can find the place for nearly 6000 people and it is also believed that the tickets for the first show are always sold in just 3 minutes. Surely a place to beat! You can come here from the Wharf by taking a metro ride or a cab. If not, travel to the Waterfront located on the Green Line and from there you can go for a taxi ride.


Now the name sounds very much catchy and so is the place. Known to be one of the most popular places in DC, Black Cat is owned partially by the famous legendary rock star, Dave Grohl. There is a Red-Room Bar where people go to chill out and listen to the music. There is even a place with an intimate setting with closed walls called the Backstage where you can have a little more privacy. If you have reached a bit early to this place then you can hang out at ‘Food For Thought Café’ for some delicious quick bites. This place is also walkable from the African-American Civil War Memorial and also from Cardozo Metro Station on Green and Yellow Line. So visiting this place along with the 9:30 Club won’t be a problem for you.


Unleash yourself and let go of all that stress that has been stored inside you. Come down to the Echostage. Take an Uber or any cab service from New York Avenue Metro Station on Red Line. People who come here are believers in PLUR (peace, love, unity, and respect). The most interesting thing is that Echostage is DC’s largest indoor concert venue. The German sound systems, the DJ music mixes and their experiments with music by Calvin Harris and Tiësto. People dance and groove crazily here but then this place holds a dear place in the hearts of famous artists like Sam Smith and Kid Cudi too. How about you start grooving too?

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