Baseball Batting Cage Nets: All That You Should Know

Baseball Batting Cage Nets: All That You Should Know

October 31, 2018 Off By Naveen

When it comes to baseball batting practice, the first thing that comes to our mind is cage net. Even if you don’t realize its importance initially, it’s very vital to carry out more efficiently. The primary role of a baseball cage net is to capture a ball that the hitter misses once he or she is pitched at. These cage nets are built outdoors or indoors depending on the space. They are typically rectangular in shape.

Read on this post to get in-depth information about the baseball cage net.

Batting Cage Nets & Borders

There are different batting case nets and borders. Some of them have been described hereunder.

Regular Rope Border:

This is the most popular option. You can find regular rope border weaved in and out of each mesh and sewn corners.

Sewn Rope Border:

This border is weaved in and out of each mesh. Weaves are sewn in the corners. And, the ever mesh is sewn.

Lead Core Rope Bottom:

Lead core rope is sewn to the bottom rope border for keeping the net weighted down against balls that hit the net or wind,

Types of Cages

In general, three types of cages are popular. The most popular is leveled floors.

Leveled floors

In it, everything is done manually. A pitcher is believed to throw the ball onto a waiting player. The batter then hits the ball at will. Once the ball hits the ground, it is picked. This is a done by a wither tertiary member the practicing team or player.

Sloped floor base

Sloped floor base is the second type of cages. In it, the floor is deliberately sloped to let the balls roll back to an oncoming machine. The machine then pitches the balls for the batter to hit.


As the name suggests, this is the third type of cage which is entirely automatic. In it, a machine to pick the balls is still present. However, some additional devices are used automatically. These devices pick the balls and load them to the pitching machine.

Major components

Frames, stands, screens, and nets are some of the major components of baseball batting cages. Frames and stands may be made from steel or iron. They are galvanized to protect from damage.

Importance of Nets

Nets are either in twisted or braided forms. Choose twisted types as they are more resistant from breaking and stronger. Besides, knitted or braided on the other hand are less abrasive. Nylon or polyurethane is often used to make nets. They can be attached for the time being or permanently to the screen.


When you want to buy a baseball cage net, make sure the type, size, materials, purpose and the area where you will be installing the net. Also, make sure the nets are made from 100% twisted knotted Nylon Batting Cage Netting. It should be weatherproof, and UV Protected for extra longevity and durability. Once you buy the net, you will need to install it professionally as all batting cage nets are square hung and come ready to install in one piece finished with rope borders.

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