Buying Electric Bike for the First Time? Ask these key questions!

Buying Electric Bike for the First Time? Ask these key questions!

March 12, 2019 Off By Sunder Singh

Are you planning to buy your first e-bike? These are a few things that you need to bear in mind before deciding on the best electric bikes in the UK. Here are a few key things to pay attention to:


Do You Know What You Need?

The biggest mistake that people make when buying an electric bike is the lack of knowledge of what they need. People buy a mountain bike for commuting in a hilly area. If you have physical challenges, then you may need a different bike altogether. Do you want to travel for long distances? You will need a long-range electric bike with a big battery and an efficient motor.  You should first define what the primary purpose of buying an electric bike is.


Comfort of Riding

You should be able to ride your bike comfortably for more extended periods. If you are not an advanced rider and don’t have good physical health, then your choice of bike matters even more. You should check the riding position and try to buy a bike which offers an upright ride. Prefer a bike that provides an e-bike with suspension seat-post. It will ensure that you will have less shock when you are going through the bumps. You should also find whether the saddle has the right amount of support and the surface area. Depending on your riding habit you may need different components such as suspension fork. If you need a bike that you are planning to ride off-road, then you need an electric bike that’s more powerful.


How much is the Motor Power?

In the marketplace, you can find many e-bike companies or the motor manufacturers which have motor power values starting from 750 watts.  But these are not true motor power, and it shows that the most efficient point of that motor.  The power of motor depends on many factors like the torque it creates, and even those numbers are slightly on the higher side.


What Should Be the Range?

 A hub motor electric bike with a 10Ah battery claims to have a 60mile range, and you should better think twice. You should check the battery capacity and also consider other factors such a motor efficiency. Mid-drive motors are far more efficient than the hub motors. It means that the hub motors will have a shorter range with a similar battery than an e-bike with mid-motor. Other things that affect the range are torque sensors and gear efficiency. You should use your common sense about the claimed range of the bike that you plan to buy.


Warranty is Important

Even the cheapest electric bike is going to cost you well over a thousand dollars, but the better ones will cost you well over a few thousand dollars. But it is equally important to pay attention to the warranty if you get on the bike. What do you get with the bike is standard.


In the End

When you are searching for the best electric bikes in the UK, you should ask these questions to ensure that you get the best one!

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