Celebrity Airport Looks That You Can Copy For Yourself

Celebrity Airport Looks That You Can Copy For Yourself

September 18, 2018 0 By Ashley Rosa

Most of us leave for the airport feeling flustered and in a hurry. While it’s a important to be there on time, you shouldn’t skimp on getting ready for it either. If you don’t want to just throw on an uncoordinated outfit that makes you look like you were in a hurry (because you were), you need to take a page from the celebrities’ fashion book.

Airports throughout the world serve as runways for actresses, models, and singers because they like to travel a lot. You won’t come short in your research if you invest time in looking for the best looks because the internet is more or less brimming with these images.

You could stand to learn a trick or two from these celebrities when it comes to walking off the plane looking all composed and stylish. Instead of looking like you didn’t want to go to the mandatory corporate meeting, you could seem a lot happier than you actually are.

In this article, we have compiled a few of our favorite celebrity airport styles that are effortless to copy and won’t make you uncomfortable no matter how long the flight is.

  • Kendall Jenner

This Keeping Up with The Kardashian’s star is our go-to girl when we want a look that’s chic yet comfortable. Kendall, the second youngest of the clan, has mastered her airport look over the years.

This time around, the model and actress are seen rocking the athleisure style like it was made for her. Paired with a simple, full-sleeve white shirt and cropped drawstring pants in the same color, the star takes the outfit up a notch in ankle boots with floral motives. To further break up the monotony, she wears a beautifully warm wool scarf and a beige, no-nonsense bag.

  • Elizabeth Olsen

Youngest of the Olsen siblings, Elizabeth or Lizzie, as she is more commonly known, grew up watching her two sisters who were at the center of the fashion and entertainment industry.

The Avengers star chose a classic, all-black outfit that matches her role as the Scarlett Witch. It is also a style you can quickly pull off with a simple black tee, greyish-black jeans, a small shoulder bag, and slip-on sandals of the same color.

The actress doesn’t sport any accessories other than shades and copying this look will help you get through security checks without a lot of struggle.

  • Sophie Turner

Sophie Turner turned up at Aberdeen Airport looking all trendy for Kit Harrington and Rose Leslie’s wedding when they were tying the knot.

The Game of Thrones star is often seen to edge towards classy outfits that are just her style.

Here, she can be seen wearing a one leather jacket in blue along with a pair of regular black leggings. The actress completes her look with a teal Louis Vuitton duffel and white sneakers that reflect how comfortable she must have been on her flight.

  • Priyanka Chopra

Priyanka Chopra has been labeled the fashion queen for some of her looks on the red carpet.

The star had an ongoing relationship with Nick Jonas of the Jonas Brothers and grabbed the Miss World title in 2000.

Most of her airport looks are as effortless as they look and this particular one is no exception.

Spotted escaping for a romantic vacay with her boyfriend in July, the actress wears an Alexander Wang pink ribbed crop top with Acler’s flowy trousers. She also has an off-white jacket on which gives her the sleek and sophisticated look.

  • Cate Blanchett

This powerhouse of an actress was spotted flying into JFK for the premiere of her new film Ocean’s 8.

She looks chic and tasteful in her athleisure getup that’s just perfect when you have to go through long lines at the airport.

Cate Blanchett’s attire consisted of a black-and-white basic jogger suit, white sneakers, black sunglasses, and a white Tod’s handbag to top it all off.

So, if you’re feeling a little lazy on the day of your flight, just fling on whatever you wear to the gym with a pair of killer glasses, and you’re good to go!

  • Jennifer Connelly

Another one of our favorites is this look from Jennifer Connelly that’s oozing business.

The Academy and Golden Globe Award winner was seen at the Nice Cote d’Azur International airport just before the Cannes Film Festival.

From her fitted blazer and classic skinny jeans to her stilettos and perfectly coordinated luggage, Jennifer proves that you can look serious but sassy too.

Though you’ll need to invest a little time and money to get an outfit like this, it’ll all be worth it when you step into a meeting looking a badass.

  • Rihanna

Rihanna isn’t a name you just forget when you’re talking about the trendiest celebrity airport looks.

This singer/actress has proved that she can take any outfit to the next level and this particular look isn’t an exception to the rule.

She has her vibe going with a style that’s both comfy and cool. Her blue puffer jacket, combined with the white boots look like a match made in heaven, and the black background of her inners is all you’d want when you want to come off as the new cool kid in town.

  • Blake Lively

When you have two children under the age of 3, you can’t be picky about your airport outfits, even if you’ve millions of fans all over the world!

Blake Lively was spotted with both her children and her drool-worthy husband, Ryan Reynolds, wearing a simple plaid shirt, casual skinny jeans, and backless loafers from Gucci. This look is practical for anyone who wants a laid-back look when they have a child in their arms.

All of these 8-celebrity outfit looks can be copied if you know where to shop. Budget-friendly stores like Forever21 and Zara stock a variety of such outfits and you can add something of your own to get a completely unique.

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