Cold Shower and Healthy Life

Cold Shower and Healthy Life

June 15, 2018 0 By vrajan

Work, relationships, life projects and family matters etc can be pretty stressful at times. In the hullabaloo of competition and multiple incidents that induce tension starts taking a toll on one’s health. This is where one needs to take that much-required break and do the thing that can help his/her rejuvenate and get going with a renewed vigor. Yes, I am talking about one cold shower, that time of your day when you have the liberty to immerse yourself in your own thoughts, think about the possible solutions to all the problems we are tangled in. The benefits of cold showers are scientifically proven now. A research at a reputed university in the US points that people that took a cold shower were more healthy and fresh as compared to the people who didn’t, given that their workload was almost equal.
Such a startling revelation makes us to dig deep into the benefits of cold shower and how they help us lead a happy life.

Here are 5 Benefits for Morning Shower

1. Easing of stress: Scientists have found out that a cold shower releases the hormones from the brain that acts as a stress reliever. The whole exercise gives one a feeling of freshness. This aids in clear thinking and hence, reaching at more rational decisions. A normal distribution curve of the people taking cold showers and a change in their level of stress shows a positive correlation. This shows that the benefits of cold showers are hardly a secret these days. Rather an increasing number of people are taking advantage of this exercise.

2. Relieves depression: This pointer can be said to be a corollary of the above one. When one is able to think more clearly and arrives at a workable solution, there are chances that the worries are relieved and as a result there is improvement in the conditions of the people feeling depressed? Also, as depression is linked to ageing and several cardiovascular diseases, such an immense benefits of cold showers hardly be overlooked.

3. Smoothens skin: The moisturizing effect of the cold water helps make the skin soft and a bit shiny. A person with such a skin is less to have skin diseases like eczema and in some cases, even cancer. It is widely accepted that the solar radiations containing the UV rays are a potent source of skin cancer, improved health of one’s skin can definitely help cope the sun-rays better. Even the dermatologists have of late come to recommend a daily dose of cold shower to get rid of those primary level skin diseases.

4. Rise in alertness: Tired people tend to get restless at times. Also, they are more prone to sleeping and suffer an attention deficit scenario. Here, it is very much advised to have a cold shower which stimulates the body activity and help gain some more consciousness. Students who have some important chapters to cover or a working who needs work on a PPT for the upcoming project help make the best use of this activity. So, next time you feel sleepy after a boring lecture or preparing for an important test on a lousy day, try this therapy and feel the difference.

5. Improves immunity: Another benefits of cold showers is that it helps improve the immunity of the body and making it less prone to the diseases like the viral fever and common cold etc. A decent combination of primary and secondary immunity helps an individual to enjoy a greater quality of health and life. A sample of people who used to take regular cold showers were found to have a better degree of immunity i.e. resistance to diseases than the ones who were having a regular bath. So, next time you are worried, you know what’s the first thing to be done.

Having said that, it must also be remembered that having some healthy food habits and maintaining a regular biological cycle is a panacea for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The benefits of cold showers can act only as an icing on the cake. So, it’s the overall condition of an individual that determines what level of health he or she possesses. There have been examples of people having a regular shower with cold water but their health coefficient still deteriorated. This is mainly because of the unhealthy life habits that have come to dominate our routines of late. So, to reiterate, only a perfect balance of all the rudimentary activities will ensure a long and healthy life.

So, in the end, we must be aware of the immense benefits of cold showers and at the same time, going by the law of averages and walking on the Buddha’s middle path by having a balanced sleep and diet can we be able to maintain a healthy life in the long run.

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