Did Uber Play The Cards Right?

Did Uber Play The Cards Right?

June 22, 2018 Off By raheel

The morning of 2008 California came with the massive taxi booking system which broke all the records and was considered as one of the massive speedy revolutions in the history of the world. The traditional taxi system was replaced with the online booking system, as that was more efficient and convenient. From booking a taxi in peace to finding destination; taxi industry marked an edge throughout the world. Thanks to the Smartphone which enabled such a great revolution. Just like we can’t imagine our lives without Smartphone, imagining without online taxi is a myth.


There were many reasons that why uber got immediate success in California and was able to expand it’s taxi globally.

  • The taxi app software of uber was incredibly designed by the industry experts who made the taxi booking a hassle-free task. Unlike in the past, people used to go to the taxi stand and book a ride. The experts introduced certain features which erode the hefty process by allowing people to book a ride while sitting on their sofa. This helped a user to save time and get their ride on time. The feature means that they no longer have to wait for the taxi in the scorching heat and don’t need to travel to the taxi stand.
  • The GPS technology was the key factor of the online booking app as it not only allows the driver to reach to the customer effectively, but also it enabled them to find the unknown destination. The user, on the other hand, feels safe with the GPS factor as their loved ones can now track their ride. The GPS factor cuts the communication between the driver and the passenger, resulting in the ultimate peace of mind. From reaching to destination without any hurdle to tracking your ride; uber managed to secure a great place in the hearts of people. Soon uber became the daily routine of people as they started preferring uber instead of the public transport.
  • From college student to a bank officer, teacher to the clerk; the app assisted every person in the community to travel from one place to another efficiently. The user doesn’t longer have to go through a hefty negotiation in terms of the charges as unlike in the past, the driver used to charge a hefty amount. With the introduction of online receipt, problem-related to charges have been highly reduced
  • The fleet of uber involved luxurious cars and on the other end, it kept its rate low. Low rates and comfortable rides are the key factors in determining the success of the online booking app, Uber. What’s better than traveling several kms in just a few dollars? In countries like Pakistan and India, the fares are very low.
  • Uber set the fair according to the kilometer. It means that the rider can have an idea of the estimated fair before the ride. This helps the rider to set their budget for travel while maintaining a peaceful transportation.

Despite the fact, that uber provided immense facilities to its customer, it paid very little attention to its fleet and driver. While keeping the rate extremely low, it forgets about the hardworking and dedication of its driver which result in them in complete denial. People heavily invested in uber as they proclaimed to earn thousands of dollars, but in reality, it came out to be very false. Drivers have to work more than 12 hours to earn a minimum wage and are offered minimal incentives and bonuses. In short, they made reforms for the consumer from every end but denied any for their drivers. Thousands of protests were carried out in every country against the monopoly of uber, but the monopoly of uber is very powerful. One of the reasons for the failures of protest is lack of jobs and employment. People have no better option to ride a taxi to earn their living. Uber drivers are often educated and they do uber for part-time.


Globally, many protests have taken place but none have proved to be successful. There is no doubt that uber provided a massive platform to unemployed people to earn their living but soon it began to run from its promises. Uber was fined 20 million dollars in California for the “disbelieve”, it was spreading in their advertising. Uber stated it is simply creating healthy competition in a stagnant market, however; the experts working behind uber have introduced ugly incentives and useless obligations on the drives, which clearly define their intention.

One may ask why? The question is a bit complicated. For that, you need to admit the fact that there is enough “greed” in this world. A big profitable company can make some good incentives and bonuses for their partners. Why they are keeping the fares low remains a mystery.

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