Driving Permit’s black point system and how it works in UAE

Driving Permit’s black point system and how it works in UAE

December 26, 2018 0 By Abdul Rehman

The Dubai Police plays a vital role in case of the traffic smoothness on the roads in Dubai whereas rules are designed by the RTA as a big obligation there but focused on by the Dubai Police for the concerns of the common public. RTA is a big concern for the managing the traffic jams in the country for the common cause of escaping from accidents. Rules and regulations are equal for everyone either they belong to an elite, average or modern class. There is no racism among people of caste, creed and colour. That is what Dubai is famous for balanced rules. Well, If you are in a car hire or in your own car, you have to follow the following rules any cost to save yourself and others from any disaster or mishap.

The rules to follow to keep save your driving license from black points and how to get rid of getting black points is given below. Have a safe journey and stay blessed!

A handy to Black Points

Dubai has now known a successful spot on an international level so you cannot diversify the regulations of traffic laws that vary from person to person because rules are equal for everyone. Therefore, a system on fines and black points has been introduced by the RTA in Dubai. It was implemented since 2011 when the black points on the driving license would consider a bad regime and fines have to pay within 48 hours of the violation immediately.

How does the system of Black Points work and implemented?

The Black Points system is a central part of the methods to guarantee harmless driving beliefs in Dubai. Black Points will be awarded in case of the fines by Dubai Police if anyone is going to disrupt the driving rules. Violations include parking fines, over speeding, driving harshly, seating of a child below the age of 13 at the front seat and parking nearby the edge of the roads causing traffic jams. If your total of 24 black points is accrued then your driving license could be suspended for one year.

For Rental Car Drivers

The total fine will be payable by the car rental company in Dubai. Most cars hire companies in Dubai charge an excess claim before providing you with a rental car especially in monthly car rental cases.

Black Points Transfer, validity and reduction

Black Points transfer in case if you are the registered owner of the vehicle. If you are only a driver and driving on the other person behalf then it can be transferable then this would be only implemented to in case of the car ownership. The black points are valid until the issuance of the time period to one year in case if he is accepting that he is liable for a traffic violation.

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