E-Bike Kits: What Should You Know Before Buying One?

E-Bike Kits: What Should You Know Before Buying One?

September 19, 2018 0 By isabellajames

Electric vehicles are the future ahead. More and more countries are moving away from the use of polluting fossil fuels to cleaner fuels and EVs are a preferred choice. Okay, you must be thinking where should you start with? Why not start with converting you regular cycle into an e-bike? If you want to know more read ahead:

First, let’s find out what can you use the bike for!

It is one question that you will have to find the answer to if you want to become a happy owner. How are you using your current bike? Do you use to ride to the local market on weekend or you are a biker, who prefers to go riding on uphill for health, exercise and some fun as well?

The basic version of the electric assist bike conversion kit is good for regular commuting. In a front drive kit, you get geared hub motor which is smaller and lighter. It is hardly noticeable after the installation. When you are looking for a lightweight and disguised kit then it is the best option.

You can install the kit with ease and when you pedal, you get all-wheel drive experience with better stability and weight distribution. While installing this kit, you will not have to readjust any gears so it quite simple to start with. With a 350 Watt of power, it not just gives you adequate hill climbing capacity but you will be able to use the bike for may regular purposes. Given the cost-effectiveness, these kits are the best choice to start with.

Want More Thrill Go for High Powered Kits?

If you are thrill seeker who rides up-hill, then rear-drive kits may be the best choice. It is obvious that you will have to shell out more while going for higher powered 48V kits. With them, you will surely get a powerful ride which you can rarely find in e-bikes. These kits give you great off-road experience and you can explore those heights where fewer power bikes can’t reach. In fact, these kits allow you to reach a speed of 32 mph and you can climb steep hills.

If you are a mountain biker having desire to explore outdoors then you will surely like the excitement that comes with power and speed of these kits.

What if you want more value with a lower budget?

A rear-drive kit with 36V batteries is the best. These kits give you the right balance between cost and power. These kits offer great value when you add LCD to the bike. In this way, you get distance over power which you always desire. When you are on the prowl for a low-cost budget you should go for this kit. With them, you can get most of the cycling on-road but want some fun off-road as well.

What things will you have to bear in mind before you purchase these kits?

When you are buying a front drive kit, the front forks on the bike need to have required clearance from the ground. Just make sure that the fork-dropouts need to have the standard size. But if you have slightly smaller drop-out, you will have to file them to make sure that motor fits with ease. It is always better to seek the professional assistance as doing things wrongly may risk the entire operations.

While front motors are compatible with the majority of disc brakes, but there are few that are wider than usual. It may lead to blocking of the motor from fitting from inside.

When you are buying a rear drive conversion kit, they are usually compatible with 3-10 speed freewheels. You will have to bear in mind that there are kits which are not compatible cassette and if your bike has it then you will have to purchase a freewheel together with your kit for it to fit. Then you should know about the rear drop-outs on the bike.

You may also need to buy an LCD computer if you want to unlock the full power of the motors that you have just installed. But you may not have to buy them immediately if you don’t need full power.

Before you buy a kit, you should know about the batteries in detail as well. Some providers offer bottle battery which is lightweight and stylish as well. These batteries as the name suggest are neatly disguised as bottle and are great if you are looking for value for money and want to keep the weight to minimal.


When you are buying an electric assist bike conversion kit, just make sure that you have considered the batteries, the LCD the power and other things which will give you the power that you will need.

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