Electric Bikes vs. Regular Bikes: What’s The Difference?

Electric Bikes vs. Regular Bikes: What’s The Difference?

September 13, 2018 Off By Sunder Singh

If you are new to e-bikes, then you may a have many questions cropping in your mind.  The buyers ask like you ask what they are and how do they work. A critical problem that you may want to know is what makes these bikes different from regular ones. As simple comparison of the two on certain key points:


It is meant to provide info on the level of battery range, speed, distance, trip distance and the modes that you want to ride the bike with. Then there are e-bikes which offer additional features like fitness tracking and satellite-based navigational GPS. No matter whether you have an Elcykel Kit 500W or you prefer something else, the display is always going to be there.


It is the most crucial component of the e-bike. Most likely you will come across a Li-Ion battery or the Lithium Polymer one. These batteries are not just lightweight, but they have a long service life. A branded battery is designed keeping in mind the distance and years of usage.  The life of the battery is dependent on the nature and duration of stress that it comes across. Charging a battery is simple, all you have to do is to plug it in, and it will start to get charged like a smartphone. The charging time may vary from 3hrs to more. You may be thinking how far can you travel with one battery. The range of a battery may vary from 12 miles to 62 miles on full charge. Many factors affect the range of the battery. It may be the level of the assistance, cycling behavior, air resistance and the weight of the cyclist, the terrain on which the cycle runs. Most of the branded batteries can be charged a thousand times. Typically, some of the best batteries may last allow you to travel for more than 35,000 miles.


When you go for an e-bike kit, motor is what allows you to control the motor. It usually adjusts assistance according to the effort that you put in while pedaling.

Appearance and Mechanics

Visually electric-bikes is that they are almost similar to the normal bikes.  Some say that e-bikes are like scooters, but myth should stop here because they are very much like the bicycles with added motors. They have the similar wheels, and the body geometry is also not much of difference. When you go for Elcykel Kit 500W, you are converting a normal bike into an e-bike. The difference is visible with the presence of the addition of the electrical drive system.

Maintenance and Repairs

The maintenance of the e-bike is very much like the regular bike, so the maintenance is very much the same. If anything happens to brakes and wheels, you can get it repaired usually. However, if the something goes wrong with the electric components, you will need the help of an e-bike technician.


With an e-bike, you get the assistance to ride uphill so you should go for it if you don’t want to get tired.

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