Embrace Digital Badges as they are the Future of Education

Embrace Digital Badges as they are the Future of Education

March 29, 2019 Off By Lucia adams

Credential badges are a trend that prepares us for the future of learning and work. These badges foster individuals to learn a new skill by taking an online course. These badges in education illustrate the competence of the candidates as it takes us through their accomplishments, achievements, and skills.

Let’s give you the insights of the credential badges and make you realize its importance in the near future!

What is a Digital Badge?

An individual can earn a digital badge if he/she completes an online educational program. They prove the growth of the individual by verifying and demonstrating the individual’s skills and achievements to the rest of the world. These badges are most often displayed in the accomplishments section of a person’s LinkedIn profile and on other social media platforms. They have eliminated the use of old paper certificates.

Why are credential badges so popular?

There is no doubt that these badges help the skills of an individual get recognition. It is promoted by many prominent educators and whole new digital ecosystem is established around them to recognize college learning, skill development, and achievement. Educators can curate their own learning challenging traditional learning. There is a transformation in the design of the learning process and a whole new experience for the learners too.

Credential badges have been successfully used to establish goals, motivate behaviors, outline accomplishments and demonstrate victories. They contain information about the skills that cannot be erased. It tells us the issuer of the badge, the recipient, the criteria that needed to be met and when it was issued. This gives your skills visibility and it is recognized by the employers. This encourages learning in individuals and motivates them. The learners get their own identity through online badges.

What is the difference Between Digital Badges and Certifications?

Former can be earned on the basis of performance-based evaluations that showcase the candidate’s skills. Whereas, certifications are a degree proving that the person is qualified for a certain position.

Certifications are reported on a pass/fail basis and the skills of the candidates are not fully indicated. On the other hand, credential badges put all those skills into the limelight that employers demand at the time of recruitment.

Digital badges are a game changer

Digital badges in education open up a world of learning that many students previously did not have access to. Through them, individuals are able to learn skills they are interested in and can show those mastered skills across social media platforms.

Hiring managers have chucked the traditional models of education and consider the badges as an important factor in demonstrating knowledge and skills. This has opened the path to a plethora of opportunities for the candidates and help them work with the big companies. They now hold the potential to transform the future of learning. They are making its way in our learning ecosystem and they are here to stay.

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