FAQs on Invisalign Braces You Wanted to Know

FAQs on Invisalign Braces You Wanted to Know

December 27, 2018 0 By smiledentalclinicuk

Invisalign braces are uniquely popular for teeth straightening. The towering commercial prospect of the product has created new chapter in history. Yet, a fraction of the people are still in the dark regarding the basic information about these modern orthodontic braces.

A reputed orthodontist in London feels it’s high time to bridge this gap.

The expert provides the following FAQs on invisalign braces:

  • How discreet are the clear braces in comparison with the traditional one?

As far as an individual’s visual appearance is concerned, traditional braces lag miles behind their modern counterparts. Clear braces are made from transparent or tooth-coloured plastic. Thus, they remain invisible inside your mouth. When you’re on invisalign braces, no one will come to know that you’re undergoing orthodontic treatment. Unlike the traditional braces, a lump of metal will never stick out of your mouth.

  • Is it possible to detect invisible braces?

Invisalign braces are also called invisible braces. Does this give you any idea about the likely answer to the question? These days, if you have noticed, you come across an individual wearing teeth strightening braces very rarely. Invisalign braces are meant to remain invisible inside your mouth. It is very tough to detect them, unless you are desperate to broadcast the news of the treatment.

  • How about some information on brushing and flossing the teeth with invisalign braces?

A renowned orthodontic specialist dealing in invisalign braces in London assures, the discreet braces create no inconvenience in your brushing and flossing efforts. Unlike the traditional metal braces, the plastic retainers allow you maintain optimum oral hygiene. This is because the modern braces are easily removable from the teeth. You can take the braces out while brushing or flossing and wear them back again.

  • How longer in a day do I need to wear invisalign braces?

According to many orthodontists, clear braces must be worn for 23 hours a day. It is mandatory to wear them atleast for 20 to 22 hours a day, if you want desired results from your teeth straightening treatment. The only time you are taking out the braces is during brushing, flossing and having your meals. However, you’ve to take them off while kissing as well. If you wear them for any shorter time span, either your teeth will sink back to their original position or the braces will no more fit your teeth.

  • How much times does Invisalign braces take for teeth alignment?

On an average, an invisalign treatment lasts 6 months to 1 year. According to the expert associated with the Smile Dentist, minor teeth alignment cases get over even earlier. In contrast to that, we all know orthodontic treatments with traditional metal braces last for years together.

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