Hotels in Beirut: Here’re Basic Facilities and Amenities

Hotels in Beirut: Here’re Basic Facilities and Amenities

October 15, 2018 0 By Naveen

Beirut, called the “Paris” of the Middle East, is the capital and largest city of Lebanon. People from across the world visit Beirut for different purposes like a business such as family trips, honeymoon, and family trip. Apart from the diversity of different cultures and the influences from Europe and the Middle East, the city boasts of having a range of hotels for booking accommodations.

Depending on your requirements, you can book deluxe rooms, junior suite, one bedroom apartment, two bedroom apartments, luxury room, luxury one bedroom, and the key luxury apartment.

Here is a brief introduction to types of rooms you can book a hotel in Beirut. However, the room category and facilities and amenities may differ depending on the kind of hotel you are booking in the city.


Usually, rooms and apartments of the best hotels in the city are intelligently designed. Whether you tend to work, live or hang out, you can find a room wherein you can move to breathe and live easily. A good hotel can offer you different categories of rooms as mentioned above.

Checklist – When booking, make sure the room has muted colors, high ceiling, and modern furniture.

For living purposes, the kitchen should be well equipped with microwave, induction hob, ample countertops, a modern fridge, and enough crockery and utensils to cook. There should be a single bathroom on booking a single room. If booking double rooms, there should be two bathrooms equipped with a standard high-pressure shower and a rain shower and tub in each. Make sure there is a hairdryer.

Smoking: If you’re a smoker, there can be a hard time for you. Almost every best hotel in Beirut has a strict no-smoking policy in all their apartments and rooms. Some hotels impose a fine on their guests if they break this rule.

However, smoking is not good. So, we should appreciate this policy as it is for the best of you and others.

Here are some of the key facilities you can find when booking rooms.

Deluxe Rooms & Junior Suite

Many top hotels in Beirut can facilitate you with deluxe rooms and junior suite. The junior suite is smaller in size than deluxe rooms. The essential facilities in both the rooms include LCD TV, high-speed Wi-Fi, iron and ironing board, complimentary use of cycle, complimentary tea and coffee, small seating area, living space, complimentary use of the gym, bathroom amenities, individually controlled air conditioning, hair dryer, king size bed, and safe.

One and Two Bed Room Apartments

These are other room categories available in hotels. Apartments will be like a complete home with kitchens, rooms, and bathrooms. They have all the facilities found in the junior suite. However, in double room apartments, there are two single beds. The living space will be larger than the one-room apartment

Luxury Rooms

Do you wonder what it’s like staying in a luxury room? Don’t worry. Book a luxury room in hotels in Beirut. Luxury rooms can take your hotel experience to the next level. Apart from all the facilities, free WiFi HD LCD television, separate bathtub, tea and coffee making facilities, and eco-friendly walk-in shower. Luxury rooms are beautifully designed, and decorated.

The bottom line is that Beirut is a city where finding a hotel and accommodation is not a challenge. However, it’s always good to book your hotel near tourist attractions or where your business meeting is going to hold.

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