How Obesity Affects Your Sex Life?

How Obesity Affects Your Sex Life?

August 20, 2018 Off By Hemant

Obesity is on the phenomenal rise in the recent past. Sedentary lifestyle, unhealthy eating habits lack of time and space for exercises have been triggering the steady growth of obesity. Even technological advances also causing the rise as they make it easier for us to do many things while comfortably sitting in our home over a few clicks making our lives even more sedentary.

Surprisingly, even among the children, the obesity is on the rise. Lack of outdoor playing facilities, eating the junk from an earlier age, addiction to electronic gadgets, etc are aiding the rise in the children.

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The problems of obesity on the health are many; in a way, it can be said that obesity is the mother of all illnesses. From the early onset of cardiovascular diseases to cancers, all diseases can be traced to obesity. Apart from these, diabetes, blood pressure, and knee joint pains are of common occurrences in the obese people. One of the major fallouts of the obesity, which is often side-lined includes the reduced sexual drive.

The consequences of obesity on the sex life are more glaring than anything else. The sexual dysfunction caused by obesity can be observed both in men and women.

A recent survey concluded that nearly 40 percent of people seeking to control the weight confirmed to the doctors that lack of sexual drive and desire, and often poor performance. Obesity causes imbalances in the hormonal functions and adds emotional distress impacting the sex life. Also, obesity makes one less desirable as they don’t look attractive to the opposite sex people for obvious reasons. Adding that the performance anxiety enhances when one is worried to show one’s naked body. Variety of the psychological and physiological condition created by the obesity negatively affect an individual’s sex life.Obesity effect in your sex life - healthfitThere are many factors which influence one’s sex drive. Age, testosterone levels, blood sugar conditions and the smoking and drinking habits are some of the main factors influencing the sex drive and desire. Incidentally, all of these are also causing the obesity. Surveys are suggesting that high BMI, Body Mass Index, which is common among the obese people, is interfering in the synchronization of testosterone thus casting a shadow on overall sexual health.

Let’s see how overweight would affect the sex life:

Low energy and ED

There is a correlation between obesity and low levels of energy. Low levels of energy translate into one sexual life as well. Also, the hormonal imbalance caused by overweight also leads to erectile dysfunction. In fact, there is sizable data which correlate the conclusion that overweight may lead to erectile dysfunction.

Negative Impact on Sex Life

How Obesity Affects Your Sex Life? - HealthFit Blog

Weight problems negatively impact the sex performance. It’s common to have a negative feeling about you when you are obese. Often, one would focus on the negative aspects; with such a pre-occupied mind it’s impossible to be a top performer.

Limiting the scope

How Obesity Affects Your Sex Life? - HealthFit Blog

Love and intimacy are the essential components of one’s romantic life; when it comes to sex, it’s a physical activity. The healthier one is the vigorous one can be at physical activities, if one is physically less movable the there are many limitations on the sex life.

For all negative effects the obesity has on sex life, one can still conquer the battle. Intensifying the efforts to reduce weight combined with eating right and regular exercises not only help you to reach your weight goals but also boost one morale. Staying motivated and focused on the positive aspects of the body and mind can help you to calm down yourself. Also, speaking with the partner and avoiding negative comments and comparisons about the body can help to a certain extent too

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