How To Get The Best Identity Verification Service?

How To Get The Best Identity Verification Service?

November 22, 2018 0 By Amelia Matthers

Almost all the digital identity authentication solutions claim to be the best identity verification service that a business can find. But given the confidential nature of data that is to be forwarded to such a service, it is important to examine the service standards of any such verification solution. There are various parameters to judge the overall performance and reliability of a verification service. Most important of these are discussed below:

Verification Time

One of the most important aspect to judge an authentication service as best identity verification service is the time taken to verify the identity of an incoming user. Most of the identity validation solutions are placed at the registration panel of a digital platform, in order to ascertain the true identity of a user before they are given access on to that platform. Now if any verification process takes longer than 1 minute, it is surely going to damage the reputation of your business. Drop out rate for incoming users will skyrocket even before they have any substantial user experience. So, make sure that you integrate only a digital identity authentication solution into your online channels that provides swift verification results.

Data Security Compliances

An authentication service claiming to be the best identity verification service must not only be well versed with the idea of data protection protocols but it must also be compliant with all major data protection and privacy guidelines. Compliances like GDPR and certifications like PCI ensure digital rights of the individual users and any business that is collecting personal credentials of their users for identity verification but is not following legal compliances can found itself soon in troubled waters. So do inquire about compliances and data security protocols that a KYC provider might have put in place, before partnering with them. Such an inquiry can secure you from impending regulatory scrutiny and substantial monetary fines.


A digital verification solution is as strong as the technology that is being used by it to detect and identify users with fake credentials. Only the strongest and most sophisticated identity authentication solution can protect its customers against facial spoof attacks, fake documents that look original to the naked eye and users that might possess an original yet stolen identity document.

This is where a SaaS product such as Shufti Pro stands out from the competition. It is an AI-based verification service that uses machine learning algorithms, liveness detection, and pattern recognition to differentiate between real users and users with fake credentials. Because of its smart and self-learning system, any attempt of faking an identity is retained into the system and is identified even more quickly, when someone tries to verify with same practice or method.

As far as data security goes, Shufti Pro is not only fully compliant with GDPR and have PCI certifications, but this intensely customizable authentication service can be easily molded into individual compliance regulations of any country or region as well. Shufti Pro offers real-time verification results to its customers and the automated system of Shufti Pro collects verifiable data from end-users in 30-60 seconds. So, all these features surely make Shufti Pro the best identity verification service for a global audience.

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