How to Increase Hotel Profitability by Upselling the Business?

How to Increase Hotel Profitability by Upselling the Business?

March 21, 2019 Off By emmamiah

There is a lot of competition in the hotel industry and to get the attention of the customers it is important to upsell the hotel and the services that it offers. Upselling is the key to ensure customer satisfaction and increase hotel profitability. Every business is unique and has something special to offer even if it is a small one. But when you are upselling it is important that you make promises that you can deliver. Highlighting the unique features of the hotel is essential to get the attention of potential clients.

To upsell you have to make sure that customers get to enjoy the services and luxuries they want while staying at a hotel. Here are a few tips that can allow the hotels to upsell their service and have a successful business.

Offer Great Food and Beverage Service:

To make a mark on the hotel industry it is essential to invest in a great hotel restaurant. Food and beverages are an integral part of the business. People expect the hotel to offer local flavors so that they get the taste of the culture. An impressive food along with a great wine list is effective in increasing the hotel profitability. The hoteliers are focused on providing the perfect accommodations and ignore the food and beverages. A hotel needs to focus on creating an efficient commercial kitchen with great commercial freezer cold rooms so that you have the right amount of ingredients to offer delicious food service.

Impressive Spa Packages:

When people are staying at a hotel they want to relax so you need to offer services that allow them to do it. The spa packages are the perfect service to offer to people that got to the hotel after a long flight. The hotel profitability will increase significantly as impressive spa packages will attract more customers and retain them as well.

Offer Room Upgrades:

Fulfilling customer expectations is essential but if you want to make a lasting impression on the guests then a hotel should avail the opportunity to exceed expectations. If a client has booked a standard room and on the arrival date if you have a better room available then you should upgrade their room and you will be able to earn their loyalty. List all the great services and luxuries that come with the upgrade and it will increase the hotel profitability.

Work on Customer Satisfaction:

There is a direct connection between hotel profitability and customer satisfaction. Satisfying clients is the key to earning customer loyalty. Make sure that you pay attention to the features customers are looking for and the hotel will be able to offer the best accommodations and services to the customers. Add the option of preferred views to the booking process so that you can make their stay memorable, satisfying and special.

Increase Hotel Profitability with Exclusive Offers:

To upsell the hotel and increase the hotel profitability the hotel needs to offer exclusive services. Services like flowers, breakfast in bed, décor, and complimentary items are great for making the stay perfect for the guests. It will also encourage them to recommend the hotel to other people.

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