How to Lead a Stress-free Life? Here are 6 Simple Ways

How to Lead a Stress-free Life? Here are 6 Simple Ways

January 27, 2018 0 By admin

Adopting the right attitude can convert a negative stress into a positive one. – Hans Selye

Stress is a big problem for every second person. A hectic schedule, stressful job, chaotic lifestyle, plenty of things to worry about, changing habits, unhealthy eating have become an indispensable part of our life. To a certain level, stress may help you to grow; however, when it goes extreme, it causes unhappiness. Here are some simple ways to make your life stress-free with find Nondenominational Church near Me.

Only one at a time

One of the best, as well as easiest ways to reduce stress, is to focus on only one thing at a time. It may be hard for you because our mind has become habituated to worry about a zillion of stuff and it is why we lose concentration in a particular work. However, keeping your brain clear of any distractions can make you enjoy the work you are doing at a given moment. If you are working on a report, keep doing it and stay away from emails and other notifications. You may feel the urge to do other things, but keep practicing.

Learn to say no

You are not born with superpowers; you are just a human. A hectic schedule is one of the major causes of high stress. We always carry a long checklist of to-be-done tasks. Simplify it by ticking off the commitments that are not beneficial for you. Schedule only important ones and put space between them. Learn to say ‘no’ to those which are not important. Leave some room for relaxation and fun.

Nurture your spiritual part

You don’t always need to chant psalms and sermons to lead a spiritual life. You only need to understand yourself and awaken the spirit inside you which can be done in plenty of ways. Start with visiting churches. Have you ever wondered about any non-denominational church near me? Search them, visit regularly and you will find that you are already feeling a lot better.

Start healthy habits

Your body is an asset gifted to you by God. Nurture it, love it and keep it healthy; your body deserves so. Improve your health by practicing one healthy habit every month, like eating loads of fruits and veggies, half-an-hour morning walk every day, quit smoking, eat homemade food, say no to junk food. Start with only one at a time. Respect your body and your improved health will surely help you combat stress.


Have you ever thought that your home space could also be one of the major stress-buster? Yes, keep it neat, clean and organized. Believe us, decluttering your house can give you immense pleasure. Just get rid of the stuff you don’t use anymore, donate the clothes, shoes you no longer use. You will find more space, peaceful environment and good feeling.

Be patient

You have to go a long way in life, so worrying about petty things should not be a part of it. Just embrace the present moment and let the past go. You need to keep patience. Initially, you may find difficult to keep patience, but through practice, you will get better of it. It will help avoid the rush of life. Life is not a race you are chasing blindly; it should be enjoyed to the fullest which can only be done when you keep patience and enjoy it.

Life is not that difficult we think. It is our attitude which decides how we are going to see and lead it. Always focus on enjoying it rather than spending it.

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