How to Maintain Electrical Safety in Rental Property?

How to Maintain Electrical Safety in Rental Property?

November 26, 2018 0 By Davidsons

As we all know that electrical safety is very important, especially in the rental property. According to the regulations it is compulsory for a landlord to get the landlord electrical safety certificate cost. That will help him to make sure that he is providing a safe house to the tenant. But when we talk about the private properties then you are not liable to get these safety certificates. Actually, it is the duty of landlord that he has to maintain the electrical safety of property so that tenant will live in the safest environment. Here in this article we are discussing about ways to maintain electrical safety in the rental property:

1. Landlord Legal Obligations to Electrical Safety:

First of all you should know that a landlord is responsible for doing all the maintenance work of electrical wiring. Explained in section 11, of the Act of Landlord and Tenant of the year 1985. After some time in the year 1994 some changes have made in this law to the regulation of Electrical Equipment safety. According to this law, landlord is solely responsible for all the repair and maintenance work of equipment present in the rent out property. Keep in mind that if the landlord will fail to follow these regulations and caught while renting out the property then it will be a criminal offense. And for this he will be liable to penalties and fine described as follows:

  • If the landlord will get caught up in this case, then his property insurance will get invalid.
  • Other than that he will be liable to pay fines of £5,000 on the basis of per item that will not be complying.
  • He could be entitled for having a six months imprisonment.
  • Other than that Tenant will also have the right to sue him for civil damages.

2. Responsibilities of Landlords to Maintain Electrical Safety:

Next, you should know that there are so many different responsibilities of the landlord. According to which he has to maintain the electrical safety of the property of the rented property on a regular basis. Infect he has to make sure that everything will be working fine from time to time. Here we are mentioning some maintenance work that the landlord is liable to do:

  • He is responsible to repair or change the defective electrical wiring of the house.
  • Other than that he has to threadbare and repair all the exposed wires present in the house.
  • Solve the issue if the tenant is suffering from of unsteady power supply in the house. For this landlord can hire the service and maintenance services of electricians.

3. The Challenge for A Landlord to Maintain Electrical Safety:

The next challenge for commercial landlord is to decide who will be responsible to maintain the electrical issues. Obviously it’s a commercial property so there are chances that landlord have more than just one tenant. Actually, landlords have to mention it in the lease term. That all the tenants will be responsible for repairing and maintaining their part of electricity issues. Actually landlord can also take this responsibility for giving relief to tenants. But he will have to mention it in the lease document to avoid any confusions in the future.

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