How To Save Big On Indian Wedding Cards?

How To Save Big On Indian Wedding Cards?

January 7, 2019 0 By theweddingcardsonline

You probably have heard it, don’t let budget curb anything. Yes, this is true that you can attain something marvellous without spending a lot. We know people might suggest you spend a little extra on your Indian wedding cards; after all, it’s the one-time event. But you’re just juggling between all you wish and all that your budget allows. Don’t sweat it. We are here to help with these super-effective ways in which you can save big on your Indian wedding invitations. Here are the ways in which you can have a marvellous designed wedding invitation without splurging it all.

  1. Create your own wedding invitations

It’s not that difficult as it sounds. If you have got a good printer at your place or you can access one easily, you’re halfway there. There are many blog and articles along with stores that offer you free templates for Indian wedding cards. You can easily customize them with all the necessary details of your wedding.

If you are having a small affair, you can get all crafty. You can order a customized rubber stamp with your wording for the wedding along with a few crafty and designed papers. You can then get yourself to work. This is one economic way and you can easily save up a lot on your wedding cards.

  1. Buy Indian wedding cards online and customize it

There are many stores and designers that offer you the stunning wedding invitations at reasonable prices. You can easily order your wedding cards from there at affordable prices. You can choose from their templates or even customize it completely. You can get some really good discounts from top rated stationers if you’re going with purchasing the pre-printed wedding invitations online.

  1. Don’t go overboard with the envelope size

Believe it or not, but the shapes of the wedding cards other than the standard rectangular are going to cost you. Over sized or non-standard envelopes are going to cost you extras they have to have hand-stamped especially by the post office. You have to incur extra on postage if you’re going to have over sized or non-standard envelopes for Indian wedding cards.

  1. Going economic with printing options

There are so many options available when it comes to printing the Indian wedding cards. There are digital printing, letterpress, engraving, thermography, laser cut and so many more. All these options are distinctive and have the different budget as well. For instance, you will totally be awed over letterpress and engraving but they are quite expensive. So if you’re looking for options in the budget, then digitally printed wedding invitations or thermography invitations are your ideal choice. You can ask the stationer about the Indian wedding cards samples of these different options. Before settling for one, it is essential to see them physically because there are certain things that are only achieved with a particular printing option. Choosing a lower cost technique for printing the Indian wedding cards can add up in saving a lot.

  1. Going minimal with Indian wedding cards

All those motifs and adornments you are thinking to incorporate in your wedding cards may seem inexpensive in the beginning but think about the cost they are going to add up to with so many numbers of cards. You can skip the beaded motifs, pocketfolds, inner envelopes and other additions to keep your cost on invitations minimum. You can go simple with your wedding cards if you want to cut costs. You can share all the necessary information with simple wedding cards as well.

  1. Purchase all your wedding stationery at one single time

Wedding stationery is not all Indian wedding cards. As per the trends, we include thank-you cards as well along with place cards too. So you can ask your stationers if getting all of these together can earn you any discount. Also, include the extras you need to have in case there are additions to the guest list or you accidentally address the invitations wrong or there are any mistakes in printing. If you don’t order a little extra stock, you are going to add unnecessary cost at the last minute. For the new order, for some mere numbers and for getting it done as quickly as possible, all these factors add up to more and more costs.

  1. Be very thorough and certain with proofread

This may appear to be quite obvious but there are many couples who fail to proofread their Indian wedding invitations. The end result is they often have to pay a massive fee for reprinting the cards or to replace the invites with misspellings, grammatical errors and even wrong information about the wedding. Yes, there are many cases, where couples have faced problems like errors in wedding year or wedding venue, and even in their names. Hence we suggest you to carefully review the first draft of your wedding invitation before approving for mass printing. Pay very close attention to all the necessary and vital details like name, date, venue, time, address, etc. Also be very careful with grammatical errors. You want to entice your guests setting the first-class impression rather than being the subject to be mocked at for mere grammatical error.

  1. You are on your own

If you have this attitude, there are good chances in which you can save up a lot. For instance, instead of hiring a professional calligrapher you can do hand calligraphy your wedding invitations. This is one segment where you can forgo the additional expenses. Guests will surely love your little artistry and efforts there with a handwritten address and guess what… you can save your bucks as well.

  1. Say no-no to fancy materials

You don’t have to go all fancy when it comes to choosing material for your wedding cards. skipping the fancy or expensive materials will definitely cut down on Indian wedding cards price. Leather, wood, expensive handmade papers, aren’t required to have memorable wedding cards. you can go with something more personal, the design that is in sync with your personality, something yours- that’s all you need for a GORGEOUS INDIAN WEDDING CARD.

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