Important Tips about Acquiring Car Rental Services and Their Advantages

Important Tips about Acquiring Car Rental Services and Their Advantages

March 15, 2019 Off By davissteve

A lot of people think that getting a car on rent is expensive. Well, yes it can be, especially when you are living in Dubai. Car rental in Dubai can be a little expensive but if you take smart steps you can save a considerable amount of money from the rent you would pay. Though you can’t get a rented car free of any cost you can actually save a lot using promotional discounts or the other way round. Apart from that, you can maximize the satisfaction level of your car rental experience by choosing the best car rental service in your city. However, to further help you in this, here are a few tips that I provide to everyone that requires finding and renting a good car at a reasonable cost for commercial or personal reasons.

Book in advance

Some car rental companies offer booking promos or early bird schemes for all the customers. If you book in advance, they may cut a neat amount from the rental fee. In addition to this, you can also choose your favorite or (at least) your preferred car if you book in advance. This is most applicable to smaller car rental firms which don’t always have a huge fleet to offer you to choose from. Early booking of a car will also help you avoid the waiting list during peak seasons.

Prefer booking online

Top car rental services in Dubai generally have their websites from which you can get a lot of information about the respective companies as well as their services, office locations, terms of services, and mostly a booking panel where you can fill your details (name-location-rental duration-payment mode) and book a car on rent. Most of them also have car picture galleries to help you choose between different models and brands of cars.

Save your precious time

You might want to reserve your favorite car online if you are seeking both savings and convenience. Booking online gives you the convenience of reserving your rental car from home, office or from anywhere you have internet access. This also saves a lot of your time as you can reserve the car at any time of the day even in the middle of the night if you get free form work very late. An additional yet very advantageous thing about booking online is that you can use coupon codes and discounts available for the customers booking online. You can save a minimum of 5% to 15% which sometimes go 20% of the regular rental charge.

On-time return of the car

While you can book in advance you cannot return the car late. Make sure you carefully note the date on which your rental service begins and the date on which you have to return the car. Generally, the rental duration is decided before you take the car out of the premises of the rental service provider. Therefore, ensure returning the car on time in order to prevent being charged with late return fine.

Use loyalty points or VIP membership benefits

Car rental companies usually have VIP membership or/and loyalty programs for regular customers. If you are also that person who requires a rented car often then it would be more practical for you to avail benefits from such programs. Actually, clearing the dues on time, returning the car on time without any damage, and keeping the car maintained while using are some of the things that increase your loyalty score. As a loyalty program member, you become eligible to get discounts.

Similarly, some car rental companies in Dubai provide automatic VIP membership to those companies which often get cars on rent form them.

Carefully read and understand the terms of service

Reading car rental agreements and the service’s terms and conditions in detail is an obvious thing to do; however, a lot of us don’t consider giving them at least one single read. This often leads to a situation where we get surprised to see charges that we didn’t know about. Therefore, it is always advised to read and understand the car rental documents (agreement or contract) carefully and thoroughly.

Choose long term bookings

You can expect to get a good discount if you book a car for a longer time period. For instance, if you know that you require a car for a few of months at a stretch, it is recommended to book your favorite or desired car for the entire required duration because paying ‘per day charge’ will cost you a lot of money.

Apart from that, you should always click photographs of the rented car before driving it out of the provider’s land, just to keep the pictures as a proof of the car’s condition at the time of taking the car. I hope these tips would do great or enough help to enhance your car rental experience in Dubai. So, find and choose the best car rental service provider in Dubai and enjoy your favorite four-wheel ride.

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