Increasing Craze For Agile Development on Mobile Apps

Increasing Craze For Agile Development on Mobile Apps

December 11, 2018 0 By SameerRao

Before getting down into the agile development and other features on mobile apps, first let us know about some interesting aspects of the evolution of mobile ‘apps’. Absolutely mobile apps are the driving fuel in the everyday actions of the current technological globe. Every morning is commencing with a tap on an app and the day is ending with also the same tap. The app has got such a hugely influential role in the everyday lives of the human nowadays. With the increase in the number of smartphones across the users, the importance of mobile app development is clambering every year. In this hard competition, the key factor behind the success of an app is satisfying the user’s requirements.

Progression of mobile apps

Mobile apps are actually born a double decade before. But not in the name of ‘apps’ but called as features. Yes, with the launch of IBM’s first smartphone consisting of some inbuilt features that can simplify the user demands are called as mobile features. Every mobile company manufactured their mobiles with some inbuilt interesting application features to grab the audience market. This is the first revolution in mobile apps advancement. Later on around the 2000s, everyone knows Nokia grabbed the pinnacles with their alluring mobile phones. Every single feature such as call logs, contacts, and even space impact games are the origin of mobile apps. This features impacted a lot among the audience.

Later on, a new revolution started in the technology boom. That is the launch of ‘smartphones’. Apple is the ultimate genesis of these mobile apps. They had launched the brand new whole touch screen mobile era, and introduced a new specialty called ‘app store’. This app store consists of some mobile apps released by the apple itself and also let the developers around the world to launch their own mobile apps as a common marketplace for the audience. Google suite followed this same platform and launched an app store for the android called ‘play store’. By this consistent development process, the mobile app has got the colossal transformation.

Impact of Agile methodologies

The normal process of mobile app development or software comprises of different following stages,

  • The core idea of app/software,
  • Design,
  • Development,
  • Execution,
  • Testing.

These steps need a huge amount of effort without any flaws. If any of the steps is disrupted, then the whole process will get into the trouble. Normally in the development process, waterfall methodology is used. It is a sequential design process, which involves eight steps of execution Concept analysis, initiation, project outline, design, construction, testing, implementation, maintenance. The developers move on to the next stage only after each of the steps is completed. In this process, at maximum, it is not possible to overturn the steps. At the beginning of the project itself, every move should be planned and well executed.

Then, what is the advantage of agile methodologies? Simply, agile means quick. In the development process, agile method means app developing and making changes in a faster phase than the normal methodologies used. In the agile methodology, some mandatory principles should be followed and those are the following,

  • Without tampering customer satisfaction, the methodology should be carried out,
  • Ready to change any requirements amid the development process,
  • Working software should be delivered immediately,
  • To have an effective communication and cooperation between the developers and other workers,
  • Well written documentation for all different stages of the process,
  • The progress is measured by working software,
  • Incorporating sustainable development,
  • Enough focus on all technical aspects and design,
  • Simplifying the complex tasks through different techniques,
  • Framing out best architectures, designs and other requirements.

By implementing these principles, agile methodologies will be very effective one, when the need for production is in a high number rather than the core quality of the output. If the project needs the scope of any changes in the feature at any time for the client, it is better to go with the agile process. And it is also much suitable when the final shape of the product is not defined at the commencement of the project. For a team of adept developers, an agile method will be a perfect comfort, as the mobile app development trends are always in ever-changing trends.

Effective outcomes through the agile process

The agile process can break down the complex development process into easy effective elements of shorter development life cycles, limited hardware, and high adaptability, easily updateable and quick downloads for the customers. It makes the possible path for the development of sustainable, high-quality mobile apps by reprieving from traditional app development issues for the developers. With effective periodic communication and interaction between the teams, the whole process can be easily carried out in a transparent and flexible mode, which can make the right valuable app for the customers.

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