JioTv Channels Streaming App: A Review

JioTv Channels Streaming App: A Review

August 7, 2018 0 By admin

Reliance Jio is the most widely used network in india because of its popularity and VoLTE services. Reliance Jio digital life is the ever popular and having millions of people network in india within very short time period. Apart from their services, they provides sweet solution in the form of android apps that fulfill the entertainment part of a real human. They have a lot of apps exclusively for their customers to experience the digital way of life. Apps like JioTv, JioMusic, JioCinema, JioChat, Jio4gVoice etc.

Among their apps JioTv is the most popular app that have the ability to fill the entertainment for the users by keeping a pocket tv that will stream real time live tv channels. Here we are providing the detailed review on JioTv android app and iOS app and how they differ other apps in the market. Really, there is no any other live tv channels streaming apps that provides such amazing functions not available. JioTv app is indian based app because Jio is the first 4G VoLTE network in india launched a couple of years ago. JioTv works better with Jio4G network and have 550 above channels total. Using 4G VoLTE, jio have noise free streaming of tv channels and can be watch any of tv shows without any streaming error.

Features Of JioTv app

  • 550 above channels
  • 60+ channels in HD format.
  • Almost all indian channels.
  • Some french and nepali channels.
  • Total of 16 languages including almost all major indian channels.
  • 10 different categories like sports, movies, music, kids, devotional etc.
  • In Built player.
  • Search bar to search your favorite channels quickly.
  • Can be able to watch the telecasted shows of last seven days.
  • Record your favorite shows if you want.
  • Mark your favorite channels and shows for quick navigation.
  • Updates channels list. Now 596 channels are available.
  • All channels are legally watch, there will not have any copyright issue.

How To Use JioTv?

You need Jio user id and password in order to watch your favorite channels online live with android and iOS. For this , just need to own a Jio SIM. When you insert Jio SIM, the app will automatically logged in with your smartphone. You need to create a password using a mail id when you are accessing the Jio Network and apps from the JioFi wifi modem.

When you have logged in to the app. You can select the channels category and languages from the respective drop down. There are over 16 language categories and 10 type category of channels. Select according to your wish. Use language and news category if you want to get the channel quickly or can be use search option. After you have selected channel, play live streaming just tap on the channel logo. Then the channel will stream the live show.

Comparison with other competitive apps

There are many apps available to give live streaming for indian users. But all those apps does not give these much huge number of channels. Only limited channels are available with other apps. When streaming live sports channels. JioTv streams the exact live matches while some other competitive apps will stream with 5-10 minutes delay. Jio Tv works only with Jio network. You cannot use Jio tv with any other network even VoLTE service of other providers. In short Jio tv will be the perfect complete entertainment app for the Jio users. Acts as a pocket TV and can be watch your favorite shows anytime anywhere.

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