Make Wakeboarding Your Newest Hobby

Make Wakeboarding Your Newest Hobby

July 14, 2018 0 By Aisha

Bored to death this summer? Looking for something interesting to do or have as a newest hobby? Or are you planning to visit Philippines in the coming months? You might want to try the water sport called wakeboarding.

This water sport activity is totally very easy to learn. With the right fit and balance, you will be able to play the said sport and enjoy playing at the open sea or at the Wake parks near your place.

Wakeboarding is a type of water sport activity that uses boards to skim through the water and play tricks with the waves or ramps. It is much like other types of board sport activities, a few example of these board activities are skateboarding, skimboarding, surfboarding, and sandboarding.

All of these stated sports require boards to be able to play or test the activity. Wakeboarding can be done through either open sea or an artificial cable Wake park.

Open Sea Wakeboarding

As the name implies, the open sea Wakeboarding is played in the sea. It is allowed at any open water type or most probably at the open sea.

This can be done by renting a motor boat or speed boat to give you the boost and speed while pulling the Wake cable that you’re holding.

The pros of playing in the open sea are the unlimited possibilities for tricks and the opportunity to play on a wide field. You can instruct your boat driver on which direction to go or advise the driver on the speed that you want the boat to run to get a grip on Wakeboarding.

For beginners, I suggest you start slowly, not that slow but slow enough for you to not lose your balance and then work your speed up once you’re comfortable with playing in the open sea.

The cons of playing in the open sea are also a lot. First is that it is hard to get the hang of it or learn the basics if the cable keeps pulling you and you always fall down. It will take time as well to pick up the cable and get it back if you fall hard or the speed of the boat did not much your expected speed. Price is another factor why I don’t prefer to do the open sea Wakeboarding, it is much costly than cable Wakeboarding.

Artificial Cable Wake Park

This is my advisable playground for Wake boarders, especially the ones who are just starting up. Cable Wakeboarding is played via an artificial man made wake course, usually circular. It can be played by making the cable pull you through the circular course.

They usually have a beginner course which is a bit different than the normal course. The beginner course will be just a straight course. It is a good starting place for beginners and those who are trying to polish their wakeboarding skills.

The pros of playing in the cable Wake parks is that it can be done cheaper with the same quality of playing as the one in the open sea. The price of renting a boat will be waived, you can do it for an hour or two unlike boats where longer times can charge you higher costs.

It can let you rest as well since no speed boat is waiting for the player to resume playing. You can just line up again for another ride once you have recovered your stamina.

One of the cons with cable Wake parks is that you sometimes have to wait in line before you can have your own playing time. Cable Wake parks usually are jam packed with people playing unlike speed boats where you and your group are the only usual players.


Whichever playing field you choose to play, Wakeboarding will still be a new good hobby to pursue. One can get health benefits with playing the Wakeboard. It will cost money definitely, money to be used for swim wears, gears and boards to play.

It is a fun water sport that you can definitely to try to brighten up your summer or just to have a different activity these coming summer days. You’ll surely love it once you try making wakeboarding your newest hobby.

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