Managing Complex Digital Transformations in Data Science Industry

Managing Complex Digital Transformations in Data Science Industry

February 17, 2019 0 By Lucia adams

The infographic by Data Science Council of America on Digital transformations has revealed quite informative findings. According to the research done for the infographic big data has is revolutionizing the data science industry in a huge way. The infographic emphasized on the process that will help in managing complex digital transformations.

The process includes four easy steps that will smoothen the process of complex digital transformation. The four steps include –

  1. Engaging all stakeholders: According to the findings, a data science professional in an organization should take inputs from different stakeholders to assess current tech situation in an organization.
  2. Building a roadmap: The infographic highlighted on development of high-level roadmap that will smoothen the transition.
  3. Conducting an impact analysis: This is where data science professional should quantify the expected impact of transformation.
  4. Building consensus on immediate next steps: The research highlighted on the importance of building consensus on immediate next steps for easy transformation.

While the infographic emphasized on the above-mentioned four steps for digital transformation, it also revealed top transformation priorities and challenges for CIOs in an organization. According to the research, 73% CIOs want to move away from Silos and provide business services, however, there are 68% of them who find IT skills difficult.

According to the infographic’s findings, CIOs believe that application portfolio should be updated regularly and new apps should be created at a faster rate. With 89% CIOs think that priority should be standardizing continuous deployment. However, there are 67% CIOs who believe that hybrid cloud workload is a challenge.

The infographic also highlighted the fact that 69% CIO wanted to use PaaS/Caas on a priority basis to create scalable and resilient applications. While 70% thought that virtualizing more than half of network is a challenge.

All in all, the infographic revealed some quite interesting findings to bring digital transformation in an organization.

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