Migrate PST to G Suite / Google Apps Using GAMMO Tool – Guide

Migrate PST to G Suite / Google Apps Using GAMMO Tool – Guide

July 8, 2018 0 By Aisha

Google Apps is one of the best cloud-based productivity solutions. Due to which several users tend to migrate PST to G Suite to empower their business and enhance organizational communication services. This guide includes some simple techniques to execute this task without any data loss.

MS Outlook is a software offered by Microsoft for email management, administer meetings and planning schedule using the calendars. But, it is a bit confusing application to set up and use. Users are not allowed to create smart folders, rules, and flags in it. Apart from this, it lacks useful message templates. Whereas, Google Apps is a refined technology that benefits users speed, data accessibility, and storage space. It is a cloud-based and collaborative software as a service (SaaS). This application suite includes some important trademarks like Gmail, Google Calendar, and Docs. Google Apps is a simple and smart solution to get rid of the complexities of Outlook. Therefore, in the forthcoming section of the editorial, we are going to cover two possible approaches to connect Outlook to G Suite. Yet, before that let us have a quick glance on some more reasons to migrate Outlook to Google Apps account:

  • To open and read emails outside of the Outlook application
  • For opening Outlook emails via a browser on PC, laptop, Android, tablet etc.
  • To get unlimited cloud storage and instant messaging services
  • Google Apps has many customization options such as automatic sorting, labels, primary, social and the segregation for emails, various types of flagging etc.
  • G Apps has robust machine learning abilities to detect suspicious logins and it blocks advanced types of spam

Manual Strategy to Migrate Outlook to G Suite

Google Apps Migration for Microsoft Outlook (GAMMO) is a utility offered by Google to move data from Microsoft Outlook PST to G Suite in few simple clicks. This application allows users to migrate their all data items from Outlook such as emails, personal contacts data, calendars events etc. Every user machine that runs the GAMMO utility requires to have the following minimum configuration:

Microsoft Windows

  • Windows XP (32 bit) SP3
  • Windows Vista (32 bit) SP1
  • Windows Vista (64 bit) SP1
  • Windows 7 and 8 (32 and 64 bit)
  • Windows 10 (32 and 64 bit)

Now, follow the below-mentioned steps sequentially to Migrate PST to G Suite manually:

  • Download and install GAMMO Tool from Google
  • Launch the downloaded software

  • It will ask you to sign in to your Google Apps account. This sign in will take you to Google Apps Migration and this will prepare your account for importing data
  • Enter the email address of your Google Apps account
  • Now, type your password and enable Yes, I have a password option. Check the Remember me section. Then,
  • Hit the Continue button for further process

  • In the first step, select your Microsoft Outlook profile and enable Migrate all data option. After this, click on Next button

Note: Selecting Migrate only new data option will import only the data that has not been imported before.

  • In Migration Settings page, select the data items you are required to import from Outlook PST to Google Apps and click on Migrate

  • The process of importing data will start now and let it completed successfully
  • Migration Completed wizard will prompt now. Click on OK

Limitations of GAMMO Tool

  • To migrate bulk amount of Outlook data, it takes several hours or sometimes a whole day
  • Installation and configuration of Microsoft Outlook is compulsory for migration
  • Lost or poor internet connection will restart the migration process again
  • No guarantee of 100% data migration, some data items cannot be migrated
  • Limited options to upload Outlook file and in case of wrong alternative selection, users need to repeat all steps again
  • Cannot eliminate duplicate contact entries, which resides in the PST file during the migration
  • Folder structure will not be maintained after the Outlook to G Suite migration
  • Does not provide information regarding failed mailboxes to connect Outlook to G Suite
  • Calendars in the public folder cannot be migrated via GAMMO tool

The Automatic and Elegant Technique to Migrate PST to G Suite

The manual technique to migrate outlook to g suite / Google Apps does not seem appropriate as it comprises some serious limitations. Thus, we recommend users to go for an alternative and eminent approach i.e., SysTools Outlook to G Suite Migrator. This is one of the safest and secure techniques to execute such migration even without any kind of data loss. The software allows users to migrate emails, contacts, calendars, and all other data items from PST to G Suite also lets selective data migration with Date Filter option. With the help of this software, users can export multiple PST files in a single attempt to Google Apps account. Apart from all this, the tool maintains the folder hierarchy during and after migration process and there are no file size restrictions imposed by software. It is compatible with all versions of Microsoft Outlook and Windows.

Summing it Up

Migrating from one platform to another becomes a common trend today. In order to migrate PST to G SUite, we have come up with this technical paper. Here, we have disclosed some easy and cost-efficient workarounds to Connect Outlook to G Suite. Now, its all up to users that which solution technique they choose.

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