Real Estate 101: Tips and Techniques To Increase Your Property’s Value

Real Estate 101: Tips and Techniques To Increase Your Property’s Value

October 11, 2018 0 By harriscindy659

“Collect things that you love, that are authentic to you, and your house becomes your story.” –Erin Flett (Designer)

No doubt, one of the most challenging endeavors you can ever undertake is to sell a home.

The process is never quite the same and the logistics to successfully selling one can be different from one property to another. Couple that with a highly competitive real estate market that experiences sporadic highs and lows and you would resultantly have an immensely intimidating venture in your hands. Indeed, the road to successfully selling a property can be a long one and it often starts the moment you introduce improvements to your home.

If at any point in your time at home you have decided to sell in the future, know that the improvements you incorporate into the property should be strategic in the sense that it would not only benefit you and its current residents, but to the prospective buyers as well. Think ahead, have a plan and do not haphazardly integrate and execute home improvements on the basis that they add aesthetic value to your home. Your goal should be to enhance not only your home’s aesthetics but functionality as well to ensure optimal comfort for you as well as its future owners. In any case, whether you are planning to remodel your condo in Makati or elsewhere, here are some of the tips to increase its home value.

Plan your remodel

As stated above, remodels regardless of how big or small they are should be planned first before being effected and integrated into the home. Arbitrarily implementing home renovation projects here and there would only result to a disorganized home. Regardless of whether you just seemingly bought the property or have lived there for a while, one of the best avenues for increasing a home’s value is to have a plan for its improvement. Upgrades that are intentionally made would fare so much better than those done on impulse and would redound to their home’s overall value. In this regard, when the time comes for you to sell your home, not only would you expect to have it sell swiftly but on a higher asking price as well.

Tackle one room at a time

When you have a myriad of home project ideas swimming in your head, it can be a bit overwhelming. You need to have an outlet for your creative juices and to keep them flowing. While you are on a creative high, it can be a bit tempting to tackle a series of projects at one time—especially if you have worked yourself into an artistic frenzy. However, know that this is just not practical to do. If you wish to leverage the energy that comes from your innovative ideas then you should be smart in making those home improvements. Commit to one project at a time regardless of how simple or complicated it might be. Tackling one project at a time means that you have focus which would mean that these projects would not only be accomplished faster, but more seamlessly and cohesively as well. In this regard, you can expect to always have the results that you want rather than overseeing a series of home renovation projects at one time.

Small improvements can really pay off

If you ever find yourself deciding between improving your home’s décor and effecting home upgrades that would ultimately increase the property’s resale value, know that you do not necessarily have to choose between the two. It might surprise you but you can actually do both, just that you do it on a smaller scale. It might take you longer, but the payoff would be worth it. Start this endeavor by creating two lists—one which would contain the upgrades for home value and the other one upgrades that are just for you. Implement each upgrade little by little until you can successfully complete your list.

Clean your house now

You might put off cleaning your properties until such time that you wish the sale to be effected. However, know that your property can never be too clean. After all, a bright, organized and neat home can attract buyers like a magnet, so it can never be too clean. While you might be quick to dismiss routine cleanups of the property, you should know that proper maintenance is one of the pivotal things that would contribute to a faster sale. Make cleaning your property a priority. After all, your home projects would all be for naught if your prospective buyers cannot even appreciate it because of the disorganized mess.

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