Stay Healthy while Performing Hajj

Stay Healthy while Performing Hajj

February 5, 2019 0 By Aafia Khalid

Health is a blessing from Allah, not all the people are gifted with it and those who are gifted with health needs to take care of it properly. When you go at any journey or pilgrimage, due to immense traveling and fatigue there is a very bright chance of becoming sick after it. But the point to denote here is that when we go for a holy pilgrimage, all we require is proper concentration towards performing the sacred rituals. Especially when you go for the journey of Hajj the most important thing is the proper concentration towards performing the Hajj rituals. The journey of Hajj is in the fate of luckiest Muslims and those who finally get to have this journey need to know everything regarding it. Not only the Hajj packages are important, but also the living style of performing Hajj and to maintain the proper health is indeed another very important thing. When you are in the state of Ihram, one thing that really matters in to keep yourself clean and tidy.

Tips to Stay Healthy During Hajj

So here are the tips which are really important which is going to help you on your Hajj journey which is going to keep you healthy as well.

Bring your Towels

When you go for either Umrah or the Hajj journey, just keep in mind one thing that you have no idea who was staying in the room before you or the hygienic condition of that room is actually good or not. For this purpose obviously you can’t carry your room stuff with you but there is something which will help you avoid the germs. If you will carry your towels with you, this will not only help you stay away from the germs but also the germs of many skin diseases such as fungi. So always keep your towel with you whenever you travel to anywhere in the world.

Eat Known Food

When you go for an international tour, you don’t have any idea about the ingredients which are part of their cuisine. So the best thing is to avoid eating food which is not known to your taste buds, especially when you are there for performing the holy pilgrimage. Different food has ingredients which can have a diverse effect on you as well and this can make your stomach upset causing Diarrhea. So what you can do is that trust the fast food restaurants which are internationally recognizable and eat halal food from there. This way you will face less ambiguity and you can also perform Hajj properly. Normally Hajj packages include the food but there are times when it is not included when it’s not included then try the fast food, but if you have paid already for the food then try to trust the travel agency.

Medical Kit

Next most important thing is the medical kit or first aid box, this box will include all the important medicines and the bandages which are a compulsion to keep. This medical kit should be your travel partner wherever you travel try to keep all the medicines with you in form of this box so that you can face fewer problems. Because most of the time medicine we use is not available at any other region of the world and this situation is not so much proficient to be faced while you want to concentrate on the holy pilgrimage.

Doctor’s Prescription

In case if your medicine ends of you forget to bring it along with you then the next step which can save you and your health condition is the description of the doctor. You need to keep the prescription of your doctor so that you might have the permit of taking the medicines and even if the same brand Is not available you might have the information about the formula and dosage. This is very important and most people don’t focus on this while packing and then face issues. So you can also take a picture of your prescription if you have the hard copy then that picture will help you figure out the medicines.

Non-Alcoholic Drugs

The is the most important information which should be kept in mind that when you are in the state of ihram the regulation includes the avoidance of the drugs which include the alcohol or any such ingredient. Now you can get out of this problem that before you leave for hajj journey consult your doctor to assign you the replacement of all those medicines and then use those medicines.

These are the most important things which you need to keep in mind when you travel, not only the hajj journey but all sort requires the proper preparation and having the prepared medical resources and precautionary measures will allow you to spend your time enjoying rather than becoming sick, so follow these steps and stay healthy during your Hajj journey as well as all other journeys which you might encounter in your life.

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