Step by Step Guide for Becoming a Successful Data Scientist

Step by Step Guide for Becoming a Successful Data Scientist

December 7, 2018 0 By vikasbook

Data science is a buzzword for all technical aspirants but it is not easy to become a data scientist and require a vast array of skills. Though, it requires many skills to become a successful data scientist that even does not exist earlier. The professionals are expected to have sufficient mathematical and modeling skills. Even they may need to know a wide range of tools like Hadoop, Python, and others.

Moreover, they must have a depth understanding of business operations. Candidates must have sufficient knowledge of statistics, mathematics, and databases etc. This article is all about the data science career and you will know the steps to become a successful data scientist.Here is a quick look at the steps that are involved in learning path of a data scientist –

  • Step 1: Learn the essential skills and understand the responsibilities.
  • Step 2: Go for some practical approach.
  • Step 3: work on at least two or three real-time projects.
  • Step 4: once you have completed all 3 steps successfully then this is the right time for applying to the jobs.
  • We will be discussing the step by step guide in detail later. Let us focus on the first step first where we will try to understand the responsibilities and focus on the essential skills for this profession.

A Brief Introduction to Data Scientist Profile

Data science is all about to discover a meaningful insight like usage, trend, retention, or customer behaviour through complex tools and algorithms like machine learning processes, statistics, mathematics, or other programming technologies.

Today, a number of popular business organizations including Uber and Google are using data science. Uber is using data science to make and provide driverless cars, while Amazon and Flipkart like e-commerce sites use cookies to know your personal data like age, sex, location, and others to improve the level of service. They use this data to recommend you a better product.In short, we can say that business organizations are using data science to improve their service and to outperform in the competitive market along with reducing cost, increasing retention, and making smart business decisions.

Responsibilities of Data Scientists

Data scientists may have to be a mathematician, scientist, statistician, or software engineer. They may have to show their one or all of these skills at any point in time. Below are mentioned a few of the commonly seen responsibilities of data scientists:

    • To frame and identify the problems based on data analytics that can have a positive or direct impact on the clients of the company.
    • To clean, collect, transform, and process the data that may be either structured or unstructured.
    • To use machine learning, building statistical models, and performing in-depth analysis of processed data.
    • To interpret or decode the data models,
    • To identify patterns and find solutions that can help in organizational growth and resolving problems.
    • To communicate discoveries to the stakeholders of the organizations

Essential Skills for Data Science Professionals

Though we have already mentioned that data science training requires many skills that may be data analysis, data mining, mathematics, programming, statistics, business, machine learning, database, big data, and data visualization. So here we are going to discuss some major skills that can help you in becoming a data scientist:

  • Mathematics

Mathematics is a core and essential skill for a data scientist. The mathematical concepts like maximum likelihood estimation can help in identifying a total number of males and females for a drone company. In the same way, many other patterns can be identified from data by using mathematical concepts and theorem. Through a mathematical mindset, you can view many patterns and other information. Linear algebra is also used in machine learning.

  • Programming Languages

To provide a quick solution and for prototyping, it is essential to know about coding. Unstructured data can be cleaned and organized through coding. Mostly used programming languages that should be learned are Python, SAS, SPSS, Perl, SQL/NoSQL. If you want to be a successful data scientist then programming language skill is the most important and essential skill. You can easily become a data scientist if you will be familiar with any programming language.

  • Machine Learning

Computers can learn themselves continuously with the help of machine learning. Many companies like recruitment companies, self-driving cars, and recommendation engines are relying on. Machine learning is a subset of artificial intelligence and helps the companies in their process automation in real-time and hence in reducing operating cost.

  • Data Skills

Data scientists are expected to access, store and manipulate data. They must know relational databases like MySQL, NoSQL, Cassandra, and MongoDB. Today Big Data is also being used by the organizations that provide the technique to handle a huge amount of data. Hadoop and Spark like tools are used for this purpose. Apart from this data visualization and reporting must also be known to data scientists.

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Steps to Become a Data Scientist

So know we have discussed all essential and required skills for this profession so below mentioned are the few steps to become a Data Scientist:

  • Learn and Grasp all the above-mentioned skills and understand the responsibilities that are considered as pre-requisites for this profession.
  • Now when you learn all these skills it is the time to apply those skills or to solve some practical problems. For that, you can take the help of Kaggle like sites that provide interesting problems and give real data dumps that can be easily analyzed and solved.
  • Now you have grasped all the essential skills and take some tests now is the time to work or handle a real-time projector to take a litmus test. Many big companies like Amazon provide data science internship so you can get hands-on experience on these concepts.
  • Now when you grab all skills and have done your internship then it is time to be hired somewhere. For this either you can take the help of job portals like indeed, Monster or Naukri but these portals are quite overloaded with relevant and irrelevant information. So, you can use some intelligent portals that are AI based platforms and provide you with relevant jobs.

Other Important Notes

Here a few other points that can help you in getting your dream job as per your choice are:

  1. Try to solve more complex and real problems during your internship.
  2. Make your own website and add them to your achievements. Communication skills, storytelling, and thought representation are also important for this profession.
  3. Try to be in touch with industry experts and grow your network online and offline. Here, professional sites like LinkedIn can help you a lot.

Final Words:

Finally, we can say that data science is a great career option that is rewarding and interesting and the demand for skilled data science professional will continuously grow in the coming years. However, it is also a challenging role. You can either learn all essential skills and become a skilled data scientist or take any certification to become a scientist. The skills mentioned in this article can help you in becoming a successful professional and improve the portfolio. You should first try to get the certifications and then start applying for the jobs.

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