Things to Consider While Buying Pizza Preparation Fridge

Things to Consider While Buying Pizza Preparation Fridge

December 1, 2018 0 By Suzain Katric

Actually Prep fridges help in optimizing overall space that is present in your kitchen. As it will help you to combine the functionality of refrigeration and a workspace. So you can easily use, these type of preparation fridges for making pizza, burger, sandwich, or salads. Actually these types of pizza preparation fridges or tables are available in different sizes. These fridges will help you to decrease your labor costs and also it will become the reason of increased productivity rates. Here in this article we are discussing about things that you should know about these pizza preparation fridges while you buy the one for your food business:

1. Comparing Sandwich and Pizza Preparation Fridge:

Actually, there are different types of preparation fridges that include Sandwich and salad prep fridges and other will be Pizza preparation fridges. So the difference between both of them is that you can use the salad or sandwich preparation fridge for several purposes. But you can only use other unit for preparing pizza. Sandwich prep counters come with thinner, cutting boards designed especially for sandwich bread. Normally it is available to use with 1/6 size food pans that are present in the top storage area. While on the other side Pizza preparation tables consist of much deeper cutting board area that will also have a raised pan rail. Other than that it will also have a top storage area that will be specially designed for keeping 1/3 size food pans.

2. Decide About the Type of Refrigeration:

The next thing that you have to decide while buying the pizza preparation fridges is about its refrigeration. Actually, there are two methods used for refrigerating the upper food pan section of your pizza preparation fridge discussed below:

  • So if you own a restaurant then you should prefer to buy the Air cooled pizza preparation units. Basically standard units use to have this air cooling system. And the best thing about these types of refrigeration is that they require low maintenance and labor costs.
  • Another type of refrigeration available in pizza prep units is Cold wall models. That use to run refrigerant lines all over the unit structure that will help it to keep the interior cool.

3. Decide About the Size of Workspace in Prep Fridges:

Just like we know that prep fridges use to come with different types of pan rail configurations, in the same they also use to come in a range of work spaces. Some tables use to have enough amount of pan storage along with a simple cutting board that will be present at its top. Basically, this will be extended a few inches outside the edge of the fridge. That will provide enough space to prepare food. Here we are explaining about different sizes of work space present in pizza preparation fridges:

  • So, if you are deciding to buy the Pizza preparation fridge with standard sized top units. Then you should know that it will have 2 rows of food pans present in it long with the sufficiently sized cutting board. That will give you enough workspace.
  • Other than that if you will choose to have mega top units, then you should know that it consist of almost 50% of pan storage space. As compared to standard model just because they use to have an expanded pan rail along with a shallower cutting board.

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