Top 5 Educational Technologies of 2019 – Expert Advise

Top 5 Educational Technologies of 2019 – Expert Advise

December 25, 2018 0 By Zacharysinclair

2019 is the year of extensive technology. The year has not only brought different styles of televisions and robotic vacuum cleaner with Alexa, but it has also brought different technologies that has brought big change in student and teacher relations.

These technologies are too helpful to teach to learn and to grow kids.
Some of those educational technologies that are introduced in classrooms or can be introduced in 2019 are

  • Artificial Intelligence:

    Artificial Intelligence is not behind now. The technology is really helpful to grow kids, as it can be used to give them space to learn their favorite topics.

    Moreover teacher can use this technology and application made on the basis of it to improve the curriculum of their classes or grades.

Furthermore, students can be provided with different applications to cultivate their interests and adapt in the new environment.
On whole, AI can make the syllabus more logical based and concept based. That’s why it can be used to grade the students’ exams.
Staff can also use it for administrative work.

  • Virtual Reality:

    It is true, students and children eager to experience what they see or what they are told. This Virtual Reality or VR technology helps them to experience it.

    VR can be used in classrooms to teach them basic concepts of physics or nervous system or ancient civilization of America or India just by wearing them those big glasses and let them see everything in such a big size as if they are present between those veins or neurons or they are present in that old civilizations of India and Europe.
    Thus, on whole, this technology is very helpful for teachers, as it helps them to teach everything conceptually to all students of their class.

  • Gamification:

    Children of every age love to play games. It keeps them energized. So introducing games like designs like points and leader-board or badges help students to learn more and attain mastery in their course or subject.

    Different schools introduce the points and badges system in the primary classes. The students really improved.
    Moreover, Indiana University’s students who had this system showed improvement in their courses too.
    Many schools have also introduced some interest binding games too to teach them different concepts. Those games keep them engaged in learning. Therefore, those schools are looking forward to introduce games in secondary classes too.
    On whole, gamification is that technology which can make students learners forever.

  • T.E.A.M:

    STEAM is the improved version of STEM. STEAM is science, technology, engineering, art and math. STEM is science, technology, engineering and math.

    Thus, unlike STEM, STEAM encourages the introduction and usage of arts and painting in learning science and technology
    Usage of colors and painting in learning photosynthesis or physics make children to think out-of-the-box. It broadens their mind and give them new perspective to look at everything.
    Thus, this technology makes them creative; yet scientific.

  • Cloud Computing:

    Cloud computing or cloud technology is making the education affordable and open. Students can get books free of cost. He or she, now does not need to buy expensive books. Moreover, teachers can share their notes with them there and students can save them there. Not only that, this technology give all of them access to learn from different books and courses. That’s why students can earn the diploma degree from this technology by sitting at home too.

So these are the top 6 technologies that have introduced in schools and colleges this year. These technologies are great helping hand for teachers who find it difficult and challenging to teach students conceptually. These technologies can be used to teach them about different systems of our body in schools or providing them the dissertation help in writing at university level.

So bring these technologies and make the class creative.

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