Use Web Design Features That Have Been Inspired by Instagram for Boosting Engagement

Use Web Design Features That Have Been Inspired by Instagram for Boosting Engagement

December 31, 2018 0 By matteid78

The importance and significance of web designing in the current business scenario simply cannot be undermined or even overlooked. Today, a high-performance site actually goes much beyond plain aesthetics. You surely deserve to come up with a well-designed and a truly functional website if you are thinking in terms of reaching your precise target audience and converting.

According to, web designers could get inspired from various sources and areas. You need to seek inspiration as that is definitely, the one sure-shot way of staying well ahead of the competition, in your niche. You may find that your competitors are already trying to forge ahead by using stunning web designs that surely calls for giving your strategy another thought. Even though web design may not necessarily be an integral element in Internet marketing or SEO, it does play a pivotal role in enhancing the overall performance of an online business.

Instagram has gained immense popularity across the globe thanks to its undivided emphasis on both creativity and imagery. This versatile marketing platform has been responsible for teaching many businesses today, the winning formulae for designing websites, as well as, for marketing online.

Use of High-Quality Images

An all-new web design could successfully capture your attention solely by concentrating on displaying high-quality and high-resolution photos. We are witnessing Instagram’s incredible popularity and success and this makes it pretty obvious, that imagery actually rules. Instagram has over 1 billion MAUs obviously because of its unique and brilliant features. The superb consistency, the top quality photos, and the focus on mind-blowing visual presentation have taken the versatile Instagram to pinnacles of glory and have won the platform immense acclaim and more real Instagram followers. Modern businesses must necessarily think of including more meaningful pictures in order to exploit online imagery and get immensely benefitted. However, you must make sure that quality would never be compromised. Avoid using plain and ordinary pictures. You must concentrate on using only meaningful pictures and be stringent regarding using only premium quality photos of products, or services. However, if you wish to attract a smooth flow of inbound traffic, you may post behind-the-scene activities for driving more traffic to your site.

Minimalism Is the Key

Web users shy away from a cluttered website. Web designers today, have become pretty smart and so they are devoting their energy and efforts at getting rid of all kinds of distractions present on your website in order to ensure a flawless user experience. Web designers have realized the importance of being intuitive. We know that life in the digital era is all about following hectic schedules, so visitors do not come to your site with the luxury of time. They are almost always in a hurry. They just want to get the relevant info at the earliest and then go away from the website. Maintain a clutter-free and fully-organized website. Web designers often try to eliminate the use of additional widgets as users may shy away from your site, the moment they come.


Instagram is supposed to be a worthwhile addition to all current website design strategies especially, for all those businesses that have certain budgetary restraints.  Instagram is an immensely versatile, powerful, and popular platform for exposing your business across the globe.

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