Very Important Terms And Conditions Of Maharajas’ Express

Very Important Terms And Conditions Of Maharajas’ Express

February 4, 2019 0 By archanaluthra

Maharajas’ Express makes sure to keep everything transparent, as much as possible. Thus, every element, clause and criteria of every possible event is explained in detail in the site of the train.

However, the travelers do not spend time to read the terms and conditions, to know these details.

We have jotted down some important rules put down by Maharajas’ Express for you to learn before you get ready for the train journey.

  • The brochures and pamphlets of the trains are usually printed in bulk, in advance. Thus, many amenities, services and price factor changes when compared to those physical documents. Thus, it is better to surf the official site of the train or GSA site to know important details.
  • The train manager makes sure that every destination promised is added to your trip. In some cases, due to uncontrollable events like weather, natural disaster, closure of venue and other restrictions, the itinerary can be altered. The right to alter remove or add destinations to the itinerary.
  • Tickets booked under one name cannot be transferred or used by another person. An ID proof is very essential for boarding the train. The name in the proof should match the name in the ticket. In the bar, the bartender has the rights to request you to show your age proof. Alcohol will not be served to another less than 21 years of age.
  • Read the inclusion and exclusion of tariff in the website. The cost of the ticket does not cover all the amenities inside the train. Laundry service, video camera charges at monuments, spa sessions and others are to be paid over and above the ticket cost.
  • If the full amount is not paid before the last date for booking, the ticket will be considered as cancelled and no refund would be made. Read the cancellation rules to know the amount of refund provided for cancellation within each period.
  • A minimum number of passengers are required for Maharajas’ Express train to run profitably. If that threshold were not met, alternative dates or other arrangements would be provided. Accepting or declining those arrangements lies in your hand. On account of not accepting the new arrangements, the payment of train ticket cost alone will be refunded. Find out fare of maharajas express from any official site of the train or any GSA site.
  • If you do not reach the station on time, your ticket will be assumed to be cancelled. If you cause any disturbance to other passengers or to the trip, you would be asked to cut short the trip and no cost adjustment would be made.

These are just the important terms and conditions that imply to a huge population of travelers. There are separate child passenger policy, medical care policy, policy for baggage loss, policy for health problems and damages and so on. By booking tickets with Maharajas’ Express, you are implying that you have read every terms and conditions and have approved it. Before you book tickets through official site or through luxury train India travel agent site, make sure to read all the terms and conditions.

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