Ways To Improve Operational Efficiency Of Commercial Property

Ways To Improve Operational Efficiency Of Commercial Property

November 5, 2018 0 By emmamiah

According to the stats commercial buildings use to consume 40% of overall energy. Actually, in dense urban areas, commercial buildings can account for using 75% of energy. And there are almost 20% gas emissions of greenhouse. Actually, these facts use to make it much more critical that buildings should be more energy efficient. That will help the country to meet the growing energy needs of the country. So the amount of greenhouse gas emissions should be less that will help you to save money. And side by side it will also help you to create jobs. Actually, there are lots of different steps that people should take for making the property energy efficient.

1. Prefer to Measure Water Usage and Waste:

The first thing that you should prefer to do for making your commercial property energy efficient is to measure water usage. For this you should prefer to conduct audits for water usage. This will help you to analyze where water is being wasted.  So start by reducing the water consumption by maintaining your equipment and fixing the plumbing leaks.

2. Prefer to Use Energy Efficient Equipment:

While buying the products you should prefer to see ENERGY STAR label present on any office equipment. It means the product should declare energy efficient by the Agency of Environmental Protection. Actually, there are simple techniques or habits that we can adopt in our daily lifestyle to live pure and natural life. And side by side it will help us to protect the atmosphere around us.

3. Train Your Staff to Improve Operational Efficiency:

Prefer to train your office staff about how they can improve operational efficiency. Keep in mind that their efficiency and best energy efficient practices will help you to pay higher dividends. And that’s possible when you will have an energy efficient mechanical equipment in the building.

4. Prefer to Take Off Your Stress from Equipment:

The next thing that you can do to make your office building energy efficient is to use your building management system. It will help you to monitor, examine and even reset all the key HVAC points. Just like temperature of chilled water, temperature of hot water, discharge of air temperatures and also the fan CFM. Other than that, don’t forget to repair the boiler from boiler repair London. After that you should prefer to re program all these set points at minimum levels required. It will help you to save energy, but it will also help you to reduce stress on the mechanical systems.

5. Meet the MEES Standards for Energy Efficiency:

The MEES (minimum energy efficiency standards) apply to the massive majority of properties. But there are certain buildings and tenancies which are exempt from this situation. That include:

  • Buildings that are not required to get the EPC, include: industrial sites, non-residential agricultural buildings that have a low energy demand, workshops, some of the listed buildings, provisional properties and holiday’s spots.
  • Buildings in which EPC is more than 10 years old or even the places where there will be no EPC.

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