Ways To Keep Your Soft Towels Clean And Fluffy

Ways To Keep Your Soft Towels Clean And Fluffy

October 29, 2018 0 By oliverkim28

As we all know that soft towels are considered to be more usable and important item in the entire house. That’s why it should be properly maintained and washed to keep it fluffy and fresh all the time. You can’t just wash the towels with your regular clothes in the washing machine. As it will affect its material and make it tough and hard. That’s why you should know about ways to keep your towels soft and fluffy. Here in this article we are discussing about ways you can opt to keep your bath towels sale softy and fluffy.

  • Use Least Amount of Detergent:

    Actually, you should know that using too much detergent will make the soft towels stiff. This happens because the soap residue will start to build up within the towel. So if you want to avoid this situation and want to keep your towels fluffy or soft then you should use less amount of detergent. This will make the rinsing cycle of the machine much easier and quicker.

  • Prefer to Wash Towels in Warm Water:

    The next thing that you should know about keeping the towels fluffy or fresh is to wash them in the warm water. Actually warm water will absorb the detergent very well. That will further protect the soft towels from building up of the residue. Actually using liquid detergents might help in this regard.

  • Use Vinegar Instead of Fabric Softeners:

    The next thing that you should know is that fabric softener can actually damage your clothes. Most of the fabric softeners contain some amount of silicon in it that will make the towels to repel the water. Due to which towels didn’t get washed easily with water. So instead of fabric softener you should prefer to use one cup of vinegar that will also help you to make your towels soft and smooth.

  • Prefer to Use Baking Soda with Detergent:

    Another thing that you can use while washing the towels to keep them fluffy and soft is baking soda. This will result in loosening up the fibers and cleaning off all the chemicals and grime that will be present on towels. For this you only have to mix a half cup of baking soda along with your detergent. This solution will help to eliminate musty odors build up in the clothes.

  • Prefer to Lighten Your Load:

    Keep in mind that while washing the towels you don’t have to put all of them together in a machine. As it might affect the machine efficiency. And also your towels will never get cleaned properly. So always prefer to put a light load on your washer so that you will get the best results and your towels will remain fluffy, soft and fresh. So if you are using standard machines to wash towels, then prefer to put only two and three at a time. As that will help you to lighten the load of the machine and get the efficient results.

  • Toss in A Tennis Ball Within the Dryer:

    Next trick that you can simply use to clean the towels residue from the inner side of the dryer is to toss the tennis ball in it. Actually tossing the ball within the dryer will help you to collect all the residue that might affect the drain of the dryer.

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