What Makes Cloud Indispensable?

What Makes Cloud Indispensable?

November 13, 2018 0 By Sunder Singh

When you started your site, you never thought that it would overgrow. Now when that has happened, you are looking to scale-up the site. What should you do? You can go for cloud hosting in India, and there are numerous things which make it a must have:

  1. Scalability- You can quickly scale using the power of the cloud. It hardly takes any time to ramp up the website resources. Your website grows instantly and almost instantly.
  2. Optimum Performance- When you get the premium cloud for business hardware, the low-density server guarantees that get the maximum performance.
  3. Traffic Analysis- With the help of the custom dashboard, you can better analyze the traffic performance whether it is static or dynamic.
  4. Bandwidth- When you go for higher bandwidth it makes sure that your website will be highly available. So even if the number of visitors rises significantly, your site will never slow down.
  5. Managed Services- When you go for cloud computing, you will not have to manage the services on own. It means that you will not have to bother about the security patches, port access or any issue that may be there.
  6. Integrated Cache- You can enjoy the automated and accelerated web content from day one with advanced caching configuration. It makes sure that your site runs at a high pace.
  7. Monitoring of Resources- You can easily identify when you need more resources to support the website and then power-up with the help of just at the click of the button.
  8. Automated Failover- If a hardware device falters, the site is automatically switched to another server. There should be no delay, no downtime, and no worries either.

Once you go for cloud hosting, there are many benefits that you can avail:


Benefit-1: Flexible Pricing

In cloud hosting, you may have been paying a monthly rental, but the same is not valid with cloud hosting. Here, you pay for only what you use. If you are witnessing a lot of traffic on the site, then you will have to scale up the resources during the traffic surge.  Then you can scale down the resources when the traffic returns to the normal levels.


Benefit-2: Scalability is Easy

With cloud hosting, the scaling for the server resources may not be this easy.  You view the performance of the site in real-time and then you can scale the server resources up and down without wasting time anywhere.


Benefit-3: Redundant Server Environment

Your site is never at risk of the single point of failure. If the server in which it was hosted goes down, then there is another networked server to take its place. With cloud hosting, you will have a concurrent live version of the website that you can host immediately.


Benefit-4: High Availability

The very nature of cloud hosting makes sure that the site offers high availability.


In the End

When you are with cloud hosting in India, you are assured of scalability, high-availability, and better performance.

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