What Not To Shop During Christmas Travel? + Things To Do in Morocco

What Not To Shop During Christmas Travel? + Things To Do in Morocco

December 21, 2018 0 By Christiane

If you are a Cinderella who never asked for prince charming but the crystal shoes and night then I can assure you that Christmas could be your night filled with blessing and love but certainly not at all a good time for shopping while you are traveling during the Christmas. You might be wondering that why am I giving this advice to you though being a lady myself I love shopping while I travel. Well, there are many reasons and in the light of my experience during the Christmas travel, I will write this blog for all the gorgeous women out there who think shopping is their duty towards the economy!

Last winters me and my husband decided to explore Morocco to commemorate the adventurous Christmas night of the year. We even prepared a list of things to do in Morocco, and our list was comprised of everything including shopping at every checkpoint. The more provoking thing was the traveling package we chose which was very spellbinding in fact it was very enthralling because it was designed for presenting the wonderful and enchanted Christmas experience to souls like me and my husband. This time our plan of selecting the air of Morocco for breathing the Christmas weekend was clearly the best decision ever taken by us. But here one thing that eventually spoiled my whole plan of enjoying the thankful gesture of Morocco tourism trend, which is quite popular these days was my habit of shopping stuff in a rush.

Shopping During Christmas Travel

Yes, I know most of the ladies will agree on this point with me that we like to shop without using our brains. We can shop 365 days a year and every time in a different country but then after collecting massive stuff we create trouble for our own self. Especially on Christmas travel, we should avoid shopping in hassle.

No worries, I am not going to leave you guys in this confusion at all. I will not only tell you the reason to avoiding shopping during Christmas travel but also provide you compensation in the form of a solution.

Should not bought it when saw it!

Okay, so I went to this really amazing shop in Marrakech while we were visiting the city and church. I stopped my husband and told him to wait until I find good red shoes. While I was trying the shoes all other customers were also gathered there for the Christmas sale. Though my husband said me to wait for few days and we will spend a whole day for it but I refused and told him that I like to shop on a go! So I bought shoes without checking the size properly and after I reach our hotel room and tried them what I felt at that time is called “Disappointment”!

Sometimes You need to Relax!

Next day I saw this really cool bracelet with an evil eye which gave the look of ancient Arabic and Turkish culture and thought that this man sitting on the corner of the street will accept my credit card. He refused! And I even missed the whole festival we went to attend there in Agadir because I was fighting with him, forcing him to accept credit card.

Roam Around Freely At least On Vacations!

I face this issue almost every time I shop while I travel. I have to carry the bags with me and half of my bags are lifted by my husband. So this is a major difficulty I face each time I carry bags and roam around.

What could be the proper solution to this problem!

What have I examined from my experience is the lack of concentration and planning can make you suffer. If you are really willing to travel for your Christmas vacations, then reserve one day for shopping. This way your attention will be on the moment and the place where you are and you will be able to enjoy even more. Because if you will keep looking at stuff and wondering if you can buy it or not you will only destroy the moment of admiring the beauty of the place where you traveled to enjoy and have absolute fun! No doubt shopping keeps you away from Psychiatrist but shopping during Christmas travel can surely take you to one!

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